How to buy cleaning products
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How to buy cleaning products

24 July 2019 By Kelly Snee, Category Buyer - Cleaning


As the summer is finally here (yippee!) most of our attentions now turn to the cleaning regime as that deep summer clean looms over us. Instead of burying our heads in the…well…dust, we thought it would be helpful outlining the top three points to consider before purchasing cleaning products.

What’s new?
Firstly, and more recently, there has been an increase in the widespread media coverage on the environmental issues that are surrounding consumables. You as customers are becoming increasingly aware of the products used and the implications these have on the environment. “Green cleaning” is becoming increasingly important to an ever growing number of customers, in which an attempt is made to ditch single use, non-recycled products for the “greener” re-usable, re-cycled products that we have in our ranges. 

Eco cleaning companies are also met with the myth-busting challenge that their “green” product range is just as effective as the traditional cleaning range that we all know and love – and are not necessarily at the increased price that they are usually perceived to be. The additional health, environmental and ethical standards outweigh the balance, making these products well worth implementing into cleaning regimes. 

Electro Chemical Activation – ECA for short is now beginning to become commonplace in cleaning and is something we can offer to our customers. This brilliant product has two ingredients for a deep and long lasting clean. These are water (straight from the tap) and table salt (sodium chloride). The results are a production of hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite solution – both effective and completely safe cleaning and disinfecting solutions that are non-allergenic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and low in cost. Through implementing such a product, you can reduce or eliminate your traditional cleaning chemicals by generating up to 40 Litres/day of your own safe, environmentally friendly solution using nothing more than salt, water and electricity. 

Less is more
When it comes to concentrated products, less truly is more. The use of the concentrated products included in our ranges is generally a no brainer and a money saver. When considering the environment, the effects are even greater! There are many benefits of concentrated products – let me share a few with you:

  • Concentrates mean the product has been manufactured with less water, less paper, ink and plastic.
  • Less product ends up in landfills due to the fact the product container takes longer before needing to be replaced.
  • More space is freed up in shipping, minimising the fuel used when distributing.
  • Concentrates also provide the opportunity to distribute larger quantities in fewer trips – again minimising the fuel usage in distribution.

Single-use plastic is the enemy of cleaners. With ready to use products, the containers are not re-used and are simply thrown away and shipped off to landfill without a second thought. This sequence everyday soon adds up to a significant amount of waste going to landfill sites. However, when we look at the dilution of concentrated products, cleaners are able to use re-usable spray bottles. This massively reduces plastic consumption – and would drastically reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill every day.

Best value 
It is important to know, when buying your cleaning products, there are a number of things that can be done to ensure you can achieve that better value for money we are all after!

Do comparisons on both price and quality - It’s important to evaluate both the price and quality of each product that you are buying. Not just purchasing a cleaning product as a result of it being cheap. The product may not be entirely suitable for the use you require and may result in you having to purchase more over time. 

Look at rationalising purchases - In the long run it may be worth buying a chemical / cleaner that is capable of doing the job of two separate cleaners. For example, rather than buying a degreaser and disinfectant separately, have a look for a product that can disinfect and degrease. This would not only work to cut costs but would also improve the efficiency of your cleaning staff as they don’t have to keep changing products. 

As mentioned before – less truly is more! Be sure to compare ready to use products against the potential use of concentrates. Be sure to not only look at the one of purchase cost, but also consider the cost in use. (How much you may save over the lifetime of the product). 

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