How to attract the right apprentices to your organisation
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Attracting the right apprentices

There’s two ways to bring apprentices into your organisation. You can bring in new apprentices by recruiting externally, or you can look at current employees and look at ways of developing them. Both can benefit your organisation.

Be specific

When recruiting, be specific. Develop apprenticeships in your specialist roles. We’ve spent years looking at generic roles such as business admin, and they are good if that’s right for your organisation, but now with the hundreds of standards available you can recruit more specific roles within your team. For example, marketing executives, planning, procurement roles and more. There’s now the social worker degree standard available, and housing property assistant. With hundreds to choose from make sure you’re choosing the right standards to develop your organisation.


Permanent roles

A key thing to think about is; where do you struggle to recruit into permanent roles? Look at these areas and the opportunity for new or current staff to develop. There are people externally that want a change in career – so make those opportunities available. There are also people inside your organisation that are looking for career changes or development opportunities. Apprenticeship standards can give these opportunities and develop your organisation.


Finding the right standard can be quite hard to do when there’s hundreds available. The institute of apprenticeships has categorised them into routes. Each of these routes has particular categories to help you find the right standards for your organisation. There’s a long list of standards available under each route. Please feel free to contact YPO if there’s anything you’re particularly looking for, or if would like some guidance.


Contact us at [email protected] for support from our apprenticeship team.


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