Give something back this Christmas and volunteer
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Give something back this Christmas and volunteer

12 December 2016 By Liz Cowie - Internal Communications Manager

purple patch decorations

A small bit of your time can go a long way

One thing that’s struck me while working at YPO is the strong willingness of staff to help others.

I’ve seen this many times whether it’s for something work related or when the focus is to help local communities. 

We have a very active charity fundraising calendar at YPO where staff have the opportunity to choose the charities they would like the business to support each year.  Staff are keen to organise the fundraising events and this enthusiasm is equally matched by colleagues wanting to make donations.

So when local charity Purple Patch Arts approached us earlier this year to explore a staff volunteering opportunity with them it wasn’t difficult to find willing volunteers.

Over two afternoons our staff volunteered one hour of work’s time to help the charity make Christmas decorations for their stakeholders, including adults and children with disabilities.

Using clay, rolling pins and plenty of glitter, staff from around the business came together to help the charity.  Taking part myself, I actually found the hour really therapeutic and I certainly left with that warm ‘I’ve done my bit’ feeling.

It’s said year on year but it really does make a difference to give something back at Christmas. Most organisations will be doing their bit in some form or another – now is a great time to get involved.

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