Fuelling our emergency services during a crisis
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Fuelling our emergency services during a crisis

21 August 2020 By Laura Megson - Assistant Category Buyer for Emergency Services at YPO

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We all know the importance of keeping our energy levels high and eating proper meals to ensure we are ready for a full day of work; this is especially important when it comes to our Emergency Services.

Our Incident Grounds Feeding framework was introduced to make it easy to supply a variety of self heating meals to our emergency services teams to offer that vital energy boost anywhere that is needed.

The welfare of all our Emergency Services teams is important, without providing them with the right nutrients they could find themselves in danger. This in itself would be terrible and we could see potential risks of further unnecessary destruction.

Fuelling our fire brigade:

The need to feed our firefighters and rescue teams out on site is an all year-round necessity. Instances where our teams are working in remote areas, accessibility to food and water is potentially limited or not available at all. This is when supplies must be on hand.

Our Fire Services teams are on hand across the UK. Not only do they tackle an initial blaze they also support animal welfare organisations to rescue the injured animals. This means that they can be onsite much longer than after the fire has been put out. If there is only one sense of comfort, we can provide to teams that often work strenuous hours away from home, it’s a hot meal.

Fuelling a wider emergency or crisis:

Our ambulance and paramedic teams are as vital in any emergency and their extensive shifts, long working hours and irregular shift patterns can mean they are not getting the nutrition they need whilst on the job. This can also result in the body being confused about what meal and how much the keyworker needs to eat to keep them running. Instant hot meals can be a saviour in these cases.

During a rural search and rescue call out, a Search and Rescue team can be out for long hours and have to remain physically and mentally focused. The teams can be called out to a number of locations and can be required to cover such vast areas, they must stay alert during what could be a life or death rescue. Ensuring the team is fully fuelled and hydrated at all times is paramount.

All emergency service workers can be called upon to operate a variety of specialised equipment and can find themselves in very precarious situations. Instant responsibilities during an emergency can be anything from extrication, medical stabilisation of the victim(s), manual operation of vehicles, using emergency equipment and more. Feeding teams onsite saves energy and time when time can be of the essence in so many circumstances.

Benefits of self heating meals:

  • You can prepare a hot meal away from your base or home
  • Food packs do not require any equipment as a means of heating, except occasionally water
  • The packs typically come with eating utensils
  • Vegetarian and meat options for a variety of meals
  • Ration packs are also available to provide goods to fully sustain one active person while on operations for a select time period e.g. 12 hours or 24 hours.

How YPO can help:

Our framework is available to all public sector bodies including Emergency services and the wider public sector to allow for the procurement of self-heating beverages, self-heating meals and ration packs. To see how we can meet your needs, get in touch with the team or view the full framework details. 

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