Make your Easter egg hunt more egg-citing

Make your Easter egg hunt more egg-citing

02 March 2018 By Tara Charlesworth, Buyer - Arts and Crafts

Easter egg hunt

Children love taking part in Easter egg hunts! Not only are they fun, they’re great for teaching a wide range of skills.

Here’s some ways to make your hunt more egg-citing this year:

  • Glow in the dark hunt – Time your egg hunt for dusk and use glow in the dark eggs. You could also give children torches to help with their search. A great sensory activity that even the youngest children will enjoy.
  • Hide puzzle pieces in eggs- Fill empty eggs with different pieces of one puzzle. Children can find their own eggs, and then come together at the end to solve the puzzle – which could even have a secret message on it. Great for teamworking skills.
  • Colour code your eggs – Add a further element of competition to the game by splitting the children into two teams hunting for different coloured eggs. Alternatively, you could colour code eggs for different age groups so that older children are given more of a challenge.
  • Golden eggs- Use a variety of prizes for your Easter egg hunt, you could even include a few special or golden eggs that have bonus prizes. Make sure these ones are hidden really well.
  • Egg relay- On each egg, write an activity e.g. hop on one leg, walk backwards, skip. When children find one of the eggs, they have to keep doing this activity until they find the next one.

Happy hunting!

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