Exciting activities to help you celebrate Easter
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Exciting activities to help you celebrate Easter

12 March 2020 By Mel Godley - Category Buyer for Arts and Crafts at YPO

nursery children with teacher on Easter egg hunt

As the Easter holidays approach, activities and crafts are the perfect way to encourage celebrations as well as keep children occupied. We've got you covered with these easy Easter activities to incorporate in your classroom or to celebrate at home!

Whether you're trying to embrace creativity or encouraging going outdoors, we've got you covered with some twists on traditional Easter egg hunts and an Easter bonnet parade that can involve everyone!

Easter egg hunts

We've compiled several inventive ways for you to put a spin on the classic hunt. Here are some ways to make your hunt eggstra-special this year:

(Don't forget to check the weather forecast if you're planning for it to take place outdoors!)

Glow in the dark hunt

Timing your egg hunt for dusk and using glow in the dark eggs can liven up your egg hunt. You could also give the children torches to help with their search. A lovely sensory activity that even the youngest children will enjoy. 

Hide puzzle pieces in eggs

Filling empty eggs with different pieces of a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to extend the hunt. Children can find the eggs, and then come together at the end to solve the puzzle – which could even have a secret message on it! Ideal for developing their teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Colour code your eggs

Add a further element of competition to the game by splitting the children into two teams and colouring your eggs a mixture of two different colours. Let them begin hunting for their teams' coloured eggs and see who wins.

Another option is to colour code eggs for different age groups so that older children can have more challenging hiding places.

Golden eggs

Stock up on some chocolate prizes and use these for your Easter egg hunt. You could even include a few special or golden eggs that have bonus prizes. Make sure these ones are hidden really well.

Egg relay

Boost your hunt by writing challenging activities onto each egg.   Examples could be: hop on one leg, walk backwards, skip etc. When children find one of the eggs, they have to keep doing this activity until they find the next egg.

Easter bonnet parades

Easter egg- hunts aren't for everyone, if you're looking for something more relaxed (or if it rains!) Why not try an indoor arts and crafts project and host a bonnet parade in your nursery or school?

Start by deciding whether the children are going to make the complete bonnet themselves or decorate a pre-bought bonnet. Challenge them by giving a certain amount of time to complete their decorations.

Children could even make their own bonnets at home (with their parents' supervision), being creative as they like and then they can be brought in and a parade can take place in the school hall.

You could invite parents along to admire their children's creations. And even turn it into a fundraising event, by having a raffle and see if local businesses can help with prizes, you could also have an Easter themed cake sale as part of it. 

Find more Easter activities, ideas and resources for you to fill your Easter holidays with on our website.

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