Five top tips for saving money on printing
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Five top tips for saving money on printing

29 November 2017 By Zoe Jeffery, Category Buyer for ICT

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Pretty much everything has gone digital these days - but it’s fair to say we’re a long way off seeing paperless schools! Printing and photocopying is still a much needed necessity. As well as environmental factors to think about, we also have to consider how much we spend (or waste) on printing.

Our Category Buyer for ICT Zoe Jeffery, shares her top tips for saving money on printing:

  1. Choose printers that have ‘follow me’ software built into them. This is good if you have multiple printers around the building, and allows you to log on at any printer and then print off your items. This actually gives you savings of around 25% as you’re not printing unwanted pages or leaving them uncollected.

  2. Set all your printers to default to ‘duplex’ which means they’ll automatically print on both sides rather than one sided, using double the amount of paper.

  3. Set all your printers to default to ‘mono’ which is means to automatically print in black and white, instead of colour, which will save you LOADS on not having to replace colour ink cartridges so often.

  4. Check that you have the correct paper size for whatever you’re printing. It actually costs the same amount to print on A3 as it does for A4, so if you have two pages to print, like a PDF, could you print two pages on one sheet of paper.

  5. If you really want to drill home to staff how much printing actually costs, some printers show the cost of each copy or print on the screen, which will encourage them to thinking about the cost implications of their printing, before they press print!

If you’re looking to buy new printers for your school, there is one other way that can help you make significant savings.

You could use a public sector framework that will help you set up a contract to buy printers from reputable suppliers, like Canon. You can also find contracts that include replacement consumables like cartridges and toners, as well a maintenance support.

YPO offers a framework where you can do just that! We’ll get you a free quote and hand-hold you through the process to make it as hassle free as possible, sharing our expertise and market knowledge along the way. For more information email us or request a call back

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