Five things to consider when buying a shredder
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Five things to consider when buying a shredder

15 February 2019 By Chloe Lynn - Category Buyer

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Almost a year after GDPR became enforceable on 25 May 2018, there is still a level of confusion over what is classed as a compliant level of documentation disposal. In the education sector where children’s data is identified as requiring ‘specific protection’, they are identified as ‘vulnerable individuals’.

Although GDPR does not specifically define the shred size that is compliant, specific considerations should be made to reduce the risk of a data breach.

Aside from GDPR adding complexity, the world of shredding is still very confusing. Here are five things to consider when buying a shredder;


  1. What level of security you need?

    The confidentiality of the information on the document will dictate the P rating of the shredder you require:

    P2- Basic level of security. The shredder will strip cut the document. This is not perceived as the most secure way of shredding as the document would be easy to reassemble. The machine will cut the document into thin strips which is why it is also known as ‘ribbon cut’.

    P3/4- General / confidential level of security. The shredder will cross cut the document, creating confetti like waste. Due to the smaller size of the waste the bin will need to be emptied less.

    P5/6- High level of security. The shredder will micro cut the document. The particles will be more dust like so the risk of information being recovered is almost impossible.

  2. Manual / Auto feed?

    This would depend on the time the feeder has to do the shredding. As the manual feed is indeed a manual process, this would take the user longer if they are shredding a large volume of information, as they would need to stand by the machine to ensure it is continuously being fed. Alternatively, auto feed shredders can be left to run, but the run time would depend on the sheet and bin capacity.


  3. Sheet capacity

    The higher the number of sheets the shredder can process at any given time the quicker the process will be.


  4. Bin Capacity

    Like sheet capacity, this limits how much can be shredded at any given time. The lower the litre volume the more frequently the bin will be required to be emptied.


  5. Space

Some shredders are fairly large. Where space is generally at a premium this is definitely something that needs to be considered.


All YPO shredders have this information both in the catalogue and on the website. Should you wish to have further support when purchasing your shredder please contact [email protected]

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