Five reasons to NOT use an energy broker
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Five reasons to NOT use an energy broker

17 May 2018 By Steve Sefton, Category Buyer for Energy

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Schools and academies often ask why they would come to YPO rather than go through a traditional energy broker.

“I didn’t know that YPO did gas and electricity?!”.

It’s a statement we hear all the time and a misconception that we only sell what you see in our catalogue. Would it surprise you to hear that we supply gas and electricity to more than 3,500 schools and academies, making us one of the largest providers in the UK?

So why use YPO rather than going through a traditional energy broker? Here’s the top five reasons why:

1. Management fees

Brokers management fees vary dramatically and we’ve seen lots of examples where their fees have been four times higher than ours. Being not-for-profit and owned by the public sector, we’ve the same budgetary concerns as you, so we know the pressures and make sure management fees are amongst the lowest in the market. Nobody offers services for free, so when asking for a price through a broker make sure they confirm the amount they're making from your contract, and then challenge the energy supplier to confirm that’s all they’re including.

2. Transparency

We have nothing to hide. We’re happy to break down every element of the pricing to show you the individual elements, but this isn’t always the case with brokers. Always make sure that any comparisons are being made on a like-for-like price. Energy pricing can be complex and that leaves lots of opportunities for pricing to be misrepresented in comparisons.

3. Hassle free

We’ll provide all the details you need to help you make an educated decision on your energy - and we aren’t paid bonuses so we won’t pressure you daily to sign contracts.

4. Dedicated points of contacts

If you’re like us and hate being passed around call centres, then you’ll love our electricity and gas contracts. Customers are provided with a single point of contact who will set up your account and personally handle all your day to day enquiries. 

5.OJEU compliance

A key difference between the public and private sector is the requirement to meet procurement regulations. We’ve already taken care of this requirement for you and rather than completing your own tendering process you can concentrate on your school!

You may already be our gas or electricity customer, either on your own contract or as part of your council’s energy arrangements. We can check if you’re not sure. If you’re looking for a new contract and would like us to provide a no obligation quote, please get in touch.

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