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Fashionable furniture to fix your office woes

23 February 2015 By Jack Green, Content Author - Furniture


Furniture and layout can have a big impact on productivity and academic attainment, but modern design solutions exist to help you solve common office problems.

Comfortable, quality, bespoke office furniture is an investment in your business and your staff. Last year, the Guardian reported on a study by Cabe (The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) and BCO (The British Council for Offices) which found that 24% of people in the workforce felt that the office environment was responsible for their job satisfaction.*

In 2013, a study by the University of Salford also found that well-designed classroom can improve the academic performance of primary school pupils by staggering 25%**.

Whilst increasing productivity and attainment, a well-designed environment can also make a space appear both clean and exciting and maintain a level of professionalism. It sends out a positive message to visitors and employees about the place and its character.

With this in mind, here are a few examples of modern furniture solutions which could improve your working environment:

No space for meetings? We love the Shuffle – a great solution to providing an enclosed area without the need for dedicated rooms.


Could your reception desk be better organised? This Square Counter provides an abundance of storage spaces separated by panels to help you keep your work organised and hidden from sight.

Counter Desk

Are flexible spaces an important consideration? The High Back double or single sofa provides an elegant seating arrangement to eat your lunch while providing you with an enclosed area to conduct meetings.

High Back Chair

Looking for a desk with a mix of design and comfort? Modern workstations, such as the Emergent 120 Degrees Workstation, are designed to maximise space in areas with limited capacity, whilst making the office look tidy and professional. Select some sleek but comfortable office chairs to complement the new layout.


Want to see more? Check out our large selection of furniture items here.

*Lehman Smith, D. (2014). A well-designed environment motivates staff and can help your business thrive. Available: Last accessed 23/02/2015.

**Brownell, B.. (2013). Study Reveals Design's Influence on Student Performance. Available: Last accessed 23/02/2015

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