Enhancing your teaching with interactive technology
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Enhancing teaching with interactive technologies

01 February 2017 By Amy Shelley - Buyer for ICT, AV and Business Machines

Interactive flat panel

Technology is now well integrated in the classroom environment as an aid to assist teachers to deliver well structured, informative and interactive lessons. It’s clear the technology has enhanced the teaching and learning experience, by moving away from traditional whiteboards and blackboards, and providing endless access to the world of education software and internet resources.

But as with all technology, the range of products has moved on from the traditional projectors and interactive whiteboards which are in most classrooms. The demand for more advanced computer-based resources is constantly increasing and customers are looking for more durable screens with high quality displays.

As the interactive whiteboards throughout your school come to the end of their working lives, the question is whether you should replace them with another interactive whiteboard and projector or upgrade to an interactive flat panel…

So, what’s the difference?


Traditional interactive whiteboards use a projector to project images to the whiteboard. As projectors require a bulb there’s cost associated with replacing the bulb which can last anywhere between 2000-8000 hours. Even lamp free projectors tend to last up to just 15,000 hours.

All interactive flat panels are high quality LED screens which means no lamps! – they have an estimated 50,000 hour life with no loss of brightness. All projectors require cleaning, even the ones without filters - if they’re not thoroughly cleaned the performance of the whiteboard will be affected. Flat panels only require a light dusting to the screen itself.

Image and sound quality

Projectors loose brightness overtime due to the requirement of a bulb. This impacts the quality and delivery of lessons. All projectors cast a shadow on the screen which makes it less user friendly.

Interactive panels do not lose brightness and have an estimated 50,000-hour life. As you’re writing and touching an interactive LED with no projector there’s no shadow.

All interactive flat panels that YPO offer are at least full HD resolution, right through to Ultra HD and 4K. Most screens have integrated speakers and therefore the HDMi audio comes from the screen. We offer a full range of sound bars to complement our Interactive Flat Panels.

Classroom distraction

Due to projectors heating and cooling constantly during use the fans within the projector can create noise which is distracting to both teachers and students alike. Interactive flat panels generate any heat so do not use any noisy fans.

Interactive whiteboard with projector

Interactive flat panel LED

Multi touch

Dual touch

4 to 10 point touch

Lamp life

2,000 to 8,000 hours per lamp

No lamp, estimated 50,000 hour life

Decreasing Brightness

Degenerative, even when new lamp is installed

Estimated 50,000 hour life and no decrease in brightness


Regular cleaning required to prolong the life of the unit

Light external dusting


All projectors cast a shadow even an ultra short throw



Usually 1024 x 768 0r 1280 x 800

HD – 1920 x 1080 or Ultra HD -3840 x 2160

21st Century Connectivity

Usually VGA and maybe 1 x HDMi

2-3 HDMi and often Display Port or DVi as well as VGA and video


We offer a full range of audio visual equipment and can support your needs from site survey, through to installation and aftercare such as training. Contact us at [email protected]

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