Eight top tips to save energy over summer
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Eight top tips to save energy over summer

30 June 2017 By Adam Throup, Category Manager - Energy

classroom over summer

As the end of term approaches and you prepare to shut down your school for the summer, YPO’s Category Manager for Energy, Adam Throup, provides you with some simple energy (and money) saving tips for managing your usage and bills.

Reducing energy use has many advantages– not only does it save money, but it also reduces carbon emissions and can have a positive impact on your school’s reputation. Don’t forget to make a few simple checks around your buildings before the big summer shutdown.

Check your meter readings and submit to your energy suppliers

This means that you know exactly how much energy you have used, and ensures your bills are as accurate as possible.

Pay your July bill, and remember to look out for your August bill as well

Getting organised with your payments will give you one less thing to think about over the summer break and means there’ll be no nasty surprises when you return in September.

Switch off all lights

Send a gentle reminder to all staff to turn off lights and any electrical equipment that they can and do a final walk around before you leave. Check any smaller, lesser-used rooms such as storage areas to make sure all lighting has been switched off. 

Check any time switches are set correctly

Make sure these are set how you want them over the holidays. They may need adjusting to account for the holidays, as nobody will be in the building.

Check thermostats

Optimise the temperature of your buildings while you’re away from the school. With it being summer, you may not need the heating turned on at all, which is a great way to cut down on costs and save money. 

Notify your energy suppliers of any work/upgrades being completed over the holidays which may impact the meters

The summer holidays can be a great time to spruce up your school, and it’s best to let your energy suppliers be aware of any work which may impact your usage. Making note of these dates will account for any spikes in energy usage over the holidays. 

Use your online energy portals over the summer to monitor consumption

You can easily monitor usage from wherever you are, and you will be notified of any unexpected energy uses straight away. Keep an eye on any unexpected energy surges, as it may indicate a fault somewhere.

Help is on hand!

Explore our energy frameworks to help find ways to reduce your energy consumption year-round. We help make managing your energy simple and straightforward.


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