Cleaning guidelines for your early years furniture
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Cleaning guidelines for your early years furniture

08 September 2020 By The Furniture and Design Team at YPO

disinfectant cleaning surface

Since the pandemic outbreak there is a heightened awareness of the lengths we need to go to, to keep our hands, personal belongings and daily apparatus clean to ensure we are all doing what we can to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Since releasing our furniture cleaning guidelines poster to primary and secondary education establishments, we would also like to share our tips for keeping furniture items clean in an early years setting. These regular cleaning tips and techniques not only assist in preventing the spread of the virus, but also lend a hand to protecting the longevity of the product.

To keep furniture items clean and prevent the spread of the virus, be sure to follow the 3-step cleaning approach:

  1. Remove any particles via dusting
  2. Clean/wash the surface areas as outlined by product examples below
  3. Finish the cleaning process by applying a disinfectant 

To assist with cleaning and disinfection of an early learning environment, disinfecting cleaner degreasers such as Suma Bac D10, can kill enveloped viruses which is what we know Covid-19 to be. 

The following cleaning advice focuses on some of our most popular, bestselling Early Years products:

Learning Rugs


product id D28225

Cut pile rugs such as these are more commonly made from 100% nylon with felt backing. Prior to cleaning, remove any dust/debris. Any approved powder dry cleaning carpet products can be used in combination with your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, then finish by applying a disinfectant such as ‘Suma Bac 10’.

  • Test a small area on your rug with any new carpet cleaning product before using on entire rug
  • Do not use any products that contain chemicals or bleach as this can cause colour damage
  • Do not vacuum over the serged edges as this may damage the yarns
  • When spot cleaning your rug, gently blot the area
  • Do not scrub abrasively
  • Do not use Bonnet System Cleaning method
  • Do not saturate carpet with wet solution

Cloakroom Trolleys


product id D18638

With storage trolleys such as this it is advisable to dust the surface area then use a neutral hard surface cleaner and then buff over with a cloth until dry.

Even soap and water or a degreaser such as washing up liquid will be suitable, so long as the trolley is buffed and dried with a cloth. Once dry, apply a suitable disinfectant.

Bean Bags and cushion sets


product id D20597


The majority of bean bags and cushions for educational settings are manufactured with a water-resistant fabric, so can be wiped down with a cloth and warm water once dusted over, or even just an antibacterial wipe. A disinfectant should then be used.

It is recommended that a mild detergent or cream cleaner be used for any tougher stains.

With regards to the bean bags, as the beans are directly filled into the cover and the main outer material has a fire-retardant covering, machine washing is not recommended.

Beech Stackable Chairs


product id D18283

Solid timber furniture products such as these beech stackable chairs have been sealed with a non-toxic protective lacquer to enhance the appearance and to help prevent absorption of water when washed. To clean, simply wipe over the surface to rid of any dust then wipe with a damp cloth or wash in warm soapy water, do not soak. Always finish the cleaning process by applying a disinfectant.

  • Direct use of Marker Pens/Felt-tips/Crayons/Paints/Other heavy marking objects on the tabletops will cause damage and leave markings which may not be removable
  • For protection of the tabletops when using any heavy marking objects, use a table mat protector
  • Do not use bleach or any chemical solutions to clean product
  • Do not expose to sunlight or other heat sources for a prolonged period
  • Products should not be stored or left outside

Indoor/Outdoor Easels


product id D10993

These types of easels are designed to be easily cleaned with soap and water. All surfaces can be cleaned with a sponge / wet cloth and soap and water, once cleared of any dust and trays can be easily removed by sliding up and over the bolt head to allow for easy cleaning.

Finish with a disinfectant, and do not use aggressive chemical or abrasive cleaners as these will damage the clear panels and the plastic removable trays.

These cleaning guidelines should be followed for indoor and outdoor use, and following outdoor use, all surfaces need to be dried out prior to storage.


Recommended cleaning products:

Cleaning frequently touched surfaces, places of visible dirt and anywhere that young children regularly access, including light switches and dining tables, is a vital way to prevent the spread of a virus. Here's some products to assist you with cleaning surfaces;

Dishwashing detergent which is also a degreaser:

Other degreasers:

Cream cleaners:

Should you have any queries regarding the suggested cleaning methods for specific furniture items, the Design Team at YPO are happy to help and offer their advice. Contact the team!

For further advise on cleaning products, please contact our Cleaning, Hygiene and Site Management Buyer!

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