Celebrating women in history
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Celebrating women in history

08 March 2017 By Alexandra Ehrmann, creator of History Heroes

Internaational womens day

To mark International Women’s Day, one of our suppliers and the creator of History Heroes Alexandra Ehrmann tell us about the launch of her new game WOMEN in history…

History Heroes could only have ever launched its new game: WOMEN in history on this day on 8th March: International Women’s Day. This offers a fantastic opportunity for all of us to consider and appreciate some of the amazing women in history.

When people discover History Heroes card games, they sometimes ask, “How many women are in this game?” It’s a good question. Each History Heroes game contains 40 of the greatest characters in history in its respective theme, stretching from 2000 years ago to the present day.  We work hard to have as global and inclusive a range of characters as possible in each game within the rigours of the brief.  Covering 2000 years of history puts women at a disadvantage: In our game of SCIENTISTS, for example, when you start with Archimedes and Aristotle, a large percentage of renowned male scientists in history scoop up the places before you even reach Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin and the like.

There are amazing women in each History Heroes game but they have been in the minority…up until now with WOMEN in history! We have so enjoyed researching, putting this game together and representing such a diverse range of women.  Many characters will be familiar to all – from Cleopatra to our present-day Elizabeth II; from Catherine the Great to today’s Angela Merkel.  There are female monarchs, political leaders, scientists, artists, writers and performers.  There are explorers and campaigners too, many who have risked their lives for their causes.  All are inspirational and all have contributed significantly to the shape of our world today.  

We have to admit to a couple of favourites: one is Mary Wollstonecraft, who wrote and argued for equal rights and education for women in the 18th Century – a woman, extraordinarily ahead of her time.  She left an amazing legacy in her work…and in her daughter, Mary Shelley, who wrote Frankenstein of course.

Another is the American writer, Maya Angelou. One of the most honoured writers of her generation, she also managed to be a Civil Rights activist, a poet, singer, actor, theatre, television and film producer AND director. She was even the first African-American cable car conductor in San Francisco at the ripe old age of 14!

To celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, schools in Hampshire will be using History Heroes: WOMEN in history game to run a series of hot air balloon debates. Teams of children will each choose a character from the game to present in their respective schools’ debates. They will defend their characters, using the facts on the character’s cards. After a robust debate, all the children in each school will vote on the last woman remaining in their hot air balloon. They will have used their literacy, analytical, presentational, debating and team work skills while absorbing a huge amount about women in history almost by osmosis – a good way to spend International Women’s Day!

The WOMEN in history card game will be available to buy soon from YPO. If you can’t wait, email us as the first 50 packs have a 15% discount (on the normal price of £7.49)

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