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Supply Teachers - RM3826

Classroom teaching
When you’re looking to recruit temporary or fixed-term teachers and non-teaching staff, you want it to be a quick and easy process with reliable and trustworthy candidates. This is why we’re working in partnership with CCS to bring you a solution to help make things as easy as possible for you.

Available for schools, academies and trusts, you can recruit all roles, including:
  • Qualified teachers: Special education needs (SEN and non-SEN)
  • Unqualified teachers: SEN and non-SEN
  • Educational support staff e.g. cover supervisors and teaching assistants
  • Headteachers
  • Senior leaders
  • Administrative, IT, finance, estates and maintenance, cleaning staff and more
  • Nominated Worker

If you’d like to hire a worker who is not currently signed up to an agency supplier, you can use this framework to find a supplier who will perform the background screen and put them on the agency payroll for you. A worker signed up in this way is known as a nominated worker.
Period: 30 August 2018 - 29 August 2022
Extension Opportunities:
OJEU Framework Notice: TBC
OJEU Award Notice: TBC
Geographic Coverage: National

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Q. Can rates be negotiated?

A. Yes. The rates shown under the agency selection tool are the maximum rates an agency can charge under this framework agreement. You can further negotiate if you wish.

Q. What if an agency I already use is on the framework?

A. If an agency that you currently use is on the framework you can continue to use them inside of the framework. It would be beneficial to use the existing agency inside of the framework as the rates are likely to be lower.

Q. How is the agency selection tool accessed?

A. Schools can access the agency selection tool using their DfE sign in.

Q. I don’t have a DfE sign in. How do I get one?

A. Follow this link to set up a DfE sign in:

Q. Is this framework just for teaching staff?

A. No. You can use this framework for any temporary worker for your school, not just teaching staff. This could be IT consultants, cleaning and facilities staff, admin and clerical staff. You can use the agency selection tool to find agencies who can supply these workers.

Q. Can I use more than one agency supplier on the framework?

A. Yes. You can use as many or as few agency suppliers on the framework as you wish to meet your requirements. Generally, the fewer agencies used the larger the saving.

Q. Can I use more agencies at a later date if I need to?

A. Yes. You can add new agencies from our accredited supplier list at any point via the framework to meet your needs.

Q. What is a nominated worker?

A. A nominated worker is a worker who you are already aware of, that you want to work in your school on a temporary basis but is not currently working through an agency. For example, this could be a retired teacher who wants to do some supply teaching, a full-time teacher who is looking to start supply teaching, or admin staff who would like to do temporary work etc.

Under the framework it is free to set up a nominated worker with an agency. There would be no finder’s fee attached from an agency.

Q. Can an agency change the terms and conditions if we use them via a framework?

A. No. Once you sign up with an agency via the framework, the terms and conditions are set and cannot change for the length of the agreement. This means no costs can be added or changed after the point of agreement.

Q. I am a Trust, can I trial the framework with some of the schools in my Trust rather than all?

A. Yes, you can choose which schools use the framework. However, we would recommend using the framework for as many schools as possible to maximise savings for your Trust.

Q. Once I am signed up to an agency through the framework who is responsible for that working relationship?

A. The working relationship will be between the school/Trust and agency as it would be off the framework. We would recommend building relationships with agencies to maximise the benefits of the framework.

Q. Will my school pay for the cost of background checks on workers?

A. No. Under the framework the agency cannot pass the cost of background checks for workers onto schools.

Q. Are there any hidden fees in the framework?

A. No. All fees are transparent and agencies must provide a breakdown of their costs when discussing an agreement with a school.

Q. How are pricing details accessed?

A. The agency selection tool does not contain pricing information, as prices are not fixed in this market. Instead, schools can see the maximum mark-ups that agencies can charge. The mark-ups shown on the tool are a maximum and schools are entitled to negotiate with suppliers.

Schools can log into the agency selection tool using their DfE sign in details or can contact the YPO education procurement team for more support on: [email protected]

Q. I have further questions about the framework. Who can I contact?

A. Please email the YPO education procurement team on:
[email protected]



    Free support available

    The route to market for this solution is either a direct award or further competition and our experienced team are on hand to help you through every step of the process – offering practical advice and support when you need it.

    Our free support includes:

    Direct award support

       • Assessment of your needs and advice on the best approach
       • Market and supplier insights
       • Technical know-how on how to procure specific service, works or product
       • Compliance with the PCR2015
       • Assistance in the completion of the documentation
       • Advice on the call-off terms and conditions
       • Advice on the KPIs
       • Assistance with or management of the supplier pre-engagement

    Further competition support

        • Assistance with or management of the supplier pre-engagement
        • Assistance and guidance in the drafting of the documentation, including the provision of template documents
        • Advice on the specification, including the provision of anonymised specifications
        • Advice on the award criteria, including sustainability to ensure compliance
        • Advertising the further competition on YPO’s e-tendering portal – ProContract, and full administration of the process, including clarification log management
                 There are three ways to run a further competition via ProContract
                      1. YPO can administer the full end-to-end further competition process
                      2. Request temporary access to ProContract and run the further competition yourself or with our support
                      3. If you're a current user of ProContract you can access and use our solutions directly without our involvement. View the 'How to access YPO’s frameworks directly' user guide.
        • Running or supporting the evaluation process
        • Moderation of the evaluation process
        • Drafting/checking award and rejection letters, including provision of template documents

    Standard documents available

       • Further competition template
    Specification examples
       • Award questions examples
       • Pricing matrix
       • Award and rejection letters
       • Call-off contract terms and conditions


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