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Electronic Office Supplies 3 - 1039

Ink cartridges

This framework agreement is for the supply of Electronic Office Supplies such as Ink Cartridges, Toners and Consumables. This framework is split into 2 lots to offer direct award call-off or further competition.



  • Lot 1 - Electronic office supplies from multiple suppliers – Direct award and further competition

  • Lot 2 - Sole supplier Portal for electronic office supplies, consumable and IT peripherals – Direct award. Click here for the supplier portal.


Free to access, easy to utilise and designed to meet the needs of all public sector organisations including Central Government, Charities, Housing, Education, Emergency Services, Local Authority and NHS establishments.



The framework documents and templates are all available to download from the 'Documents' tab above. Please complete and return the NDA Access Agreement if you would like sight of the tender documents including specification, terms and conditions, criteria etc. On submission to YPO, please confirm what further information you require from the team, and we will be happy to assist.

Contracting authority call-off period

YPO have not set a minimum or maximum length for any call-offs created by contracting authorities. Contracting authorities can create an agreed call-off based on the term they believe will suit their requirements.

How to call-off

To call off this agreement you may consider:


  • Price on demand - Award direct to a chosen supplier after conducting a simple and fast 100% price quotation (under threshold only)

  • Further competition - Evaluate suppliers based on criteria relevant to the CAs organisation


Please ensure to follow any internal policies and the current Public Contract Regulations and refer to the user guide, under the heading ‘How to call off the framework’ for considerations and top tips when choosing your procurement route.


There are 5 awarded suppliers across both lots, 40% of which are SME’S, providing a great mix of providers who can deliver high quality services to the whole of the public sector.


YPO's ICT team can support you through your procurement, to find out more or for any enquiries contact us at [email protected].

Period: 04 May 2021 - 30 April 2025
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2021/S 000-002742
OJEU Award Notice: 2021/S 000-010247
Geographic Coverage: National

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    This framework agreement has been established to allow customers to purchase goods or services via direct award or further competition. Benefits of using the framework agreement include:


  • This framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation –we have done the work, so there is no need for you to run a full EU procurement process, reducing risk and timescales for customers.


  • Assured supplier standards – Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, compliance to legislation, experience and technical and professional ability to give customers confidence of a quality service.


  • Supplier choice -With 5 providers available on the framework across both lots, this offers excellent choice.


  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – Terms and conditions of the contract have already been established and signed and accepted by the Supplier. On awarding contracts customers have the option to use YPO’s standard framework agreement terms and conditions as established, or use their own if preferred. 


  • Reduced timescales –Suppliers/providers are 'pre-qualified' as to their general suitability.


  • Aggregation of spend – Customers will receive the benefits of the aggregated spend volume and increased leverage in the market.


  • Easy to use – Customers need only to identify their requirements, present these to the market and award a contract. This can be done either via YPO or directly with the awarded suppliers.


  • Full support service – YPO can assist you with your procurement and managing the call off-process, from the building of documents, running the further competition, through to evaluation. YPO can conduct this on your behalf (at no cost to you) taking care of all key areas making the process totally hassle free and compliant with as little or much involvement as you require.


  • Available to use by all UK public sector bodies