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Time Credits - 950

YPO Time Credit
Time credits are a form of time banking whereby individuals are rewarded with paper or electronic time credits in recognition of their contribution of time to their local community. For an hour of volunteering, participants receive one time credit which they can then redeem on an hour of activity of their choice (such as events, training and leisure activities).
Period: 01 October 2019 - 30 September 2023
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2019/S 125-306021
OJEU Award Notice: 2019/S 179-436797
Geographic Coverage: National

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    About Tempo
    Tempo co-design and deliver Time Credits networks with local authorities, health, social care and housing providers, schools, businesses and voluntary sector organisations, inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved.

    Tempo - Health and Social Care Outcomes
    Over the next few months, Tempo wil publish a series of short reports on how community participation through Time Credits canhelp with a range of specific challenges faced by our communities. 

    Tempo - Time Credits Impact Report
    This year Tempo have highlighted some of the standout results, including the positive impact of Time Credits on skills development, health and wee-being, and social isolation.

Tempo Logo
   Tempo time credits are a national community currency that values giving time. Time credits harness the power and potential of people and communities to help address the challenges we face, by drawing out and connecting people and their assets in communities. 

The time credits model works simply: people earn time credits for time contributed to their community or service. These time credits can then be spent on accessing activity across our national network, such as local attractions, training courses or leisure, or gifted to others.
Tempo works in partnership with local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, health boards, housing providers, health and social care providers, schools, voluntary organisations, businesses and communities to co-design and deliver time credits programmes.

Time credits:

• Support volunteer recruitment

• Grow cross-sector networks

• Develop more co-produced services

• Increase individual wellbeing

• Build community capacity

More than 700,000 time credits earned across England and Wales
1500+ Partner organisations in our networks
Over 100,000 time credits were spent in 2017/18

To find out more, please visit Tempo's website.


    Golden Lane Baggers
    Steven has been helping in the running of Golden Lane Baggers, a food growing project which has been operating on the Golden Lane estate since 2010. Steven saw an opportunity for the group to use Time Credits to support events and value the many contributions people were putting in to the group’s work.

    Jenny started volunteering at Barbican Library in 2017 when she was told about Time Credits. She helped out at a ‘gadget clinic’ supporting people in their use of laptops and mobile phones, particularly those who did not feel confident using digital tools. Jenny now volunteers at a number of organisations and is aware of how much volunteers are relied upon. She thought Time Credits sounded like a really good idea as she knew how difficult volunteer recruitment can be.

    Patsy first started earning Time Credits at her local community centre by helping with jumble sales and estate fetes. When the Golden Lane Baggers began, an allotment project with about 40 members, Patsy got involved further.  

    Sarah is a volunteer for Friends of City Gardens (FoCG) a volunteer run community group based in the City of London. They support the City’s gardens team by organising lots of different activities for all age groups in City gardens.


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