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Time Credits - 950

Time Credits volunteer

Tempo Time Credits are a charity, everything we and our volunteers do is to achieve our charitable aims and objectives. Tempo Time Credits are a form of time banking where individuals receive Tempo Time Credits for their time spent volunteering. Tempo Time Credits are not a currency they are recognition for volunteers valuable contribution. They can use their Tempo Time Credits with our national and local network of recognition partners for days out at local and national attractions, gym classes and a range of other activities or on vouchers for shopping and entertainment on our new online platform.

Period: 01 October 2019 - 30 September 2023
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2019/S 125-306021
OJEU Award Notice: 2019/S 179-436797
Geographic Coverage: National

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    About Tempo Time Credits
    Tempo Time credits co-design and deliver unique Tempo Time Credit networks and programs with local authorities, NHS organisations, mental health services, substance misuse services, schools, businesses and charity and voluntary organisations. Tempo Time Credits aim to get as many people involved in volunteering as possible and improve communities as a result.

    Tempo Time Credits – A Currency for Change
    Tempo Time Credits have published a report highlighting the innovative ways in which Tempo Time Credits can support economic justice in communities by valuing everyone’s time equally. Such as, supporting increased wellbeing for individuals, strengthening place-based economies, supporting longer term financial sustainability of charities and community groups and building stronger relationships between people and public services. 

    Tempo Time Credits Impact Report 2020

    This report highlights the standout results of 2020, including the positive impact Tempo Time Credits has had on communities and volunteers during the year of 2020 in both England and Wales. It includes a particular focus on the impact of Tempo Time Credits on people over the age of 50.

Tempo Time Credits make a lasting impact on peoples lives across the U.K and are proud that volunteers and organisations benefit from what Tempo Time Credits has to offer. Tempo Time Credits are able to help improve communities and the individuals and organisations that are located there. 

• 71% of Tempo Time Credits volunters said that they felt less isolated and lonely since becoming involved in earning and using Tempo Time Credits.

• 43% of volunteers said that Tempo Time Credits had helped them make new friends and acquaintances. Helping reduce issues with social isolation and loneliness.

• Feelings of happiness increased significantly among Tempo Time Credits volunteers, by an average of 0.34 (p=0.006). This is notably higher than the shift of 0.04 in the general population.

•72% of Tempo Time Credits volunteers give their time to support others, either on a 1:1 basis, such as buddying or befriending. Or on a group basis, such as running a peer support group.

•There is a 12% increase in the average level of physical activity among Time Credits volunteers, helping to create happy and healthy communities.

•View the report created by Tempo and the Campaign to End Loneliness to enable the development of an understanding of the factors which contribute to loneliness in the  West Wales region and how to combat this. View the report here.

Tempo Logo

Tempo Time Credits are a charity who provide recognition to volunteers for their valuable contribution to society. Tempo Time Credits build local and national networks of organisations bringing people together in their local communities to carry out valued and important voluntary work. Volunteers receive Tempo Time Credits for their time volunteering in their community with a network of charity and voluntary organisations or locally commissioned programs.

Tempo Time Credits can be used with our network of recognition partners for days out at local and national attractions, classes at local facilities or even for vouchers for shopping and entertainment. Tempo Time Credits new online platform also allows people to use Tempo Time Credits for a range of exclusive online offers.

Tempo Time Credits works in partnership with local authorities, commissioning groups, housing associations, NHS trusts, schools, charity and voluntary organisations, small and large businesses, social care provider and communities. To deliver Tempo Time Credit programs that make a difference to people’s lives,

Tempo Time Credits:

  • Attract and retain volunteers
  • Recognise volunteers
  • Grow cross-sector networks
  • Develop co-produced services
  • Increase individual and community wellbeing
  • Build community capacity and increase participation

750+ recognition partners in our network

50,000+ people have earned Tempo Time Credits to date

More than 1,000,000 Tempo Time Credits earned across the U.K.

To find out more visit Tempos website.


    Golden Lane Baggers
    Steven has been helping in the running of Golden Lane Baggers, a food growing project which has been operating on the Golden Lane estate since 2010. Steven saw an opportunity for the group to use Time Credits to support events and value the many contributions people were putting in to the group’s work.

    Jenny started volunteering at Barbican Library in 2017 when she was told about Time Credits. She helped out at a ‘gadget clinic’ supporting people in their use of laptops and mobile phones, particularly those who did not feel confident using digital tools. Jenny now volunteers at a number of organisations and is aware of how much volunteers are relied upon. She thought Time Credits sounded like a really good idea as she knew how difficult volunteer recruitment can be.

    Patsy first started earning Time Credits at her local community centre by helping with jumble sales and estate fetes. When the Golden Lane Baggers began, an allotment project with about 40 members, Patsy got involved further.  

    Sarah is a volunteer for Friends of City Gardens (FoCG) a volunteer run community group based in the City of London. They support the City’s gardens team by organising lots of different activities for all age groups in City gardens.

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