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Care Technology DPS - 895

Care Technology

The Technology Enabled Care Solutions (‘Care Technology’) DPS has been established to give YPO’s customers the ability to procure care-related technology easily and compliantly. Using the DPS, customers have greater choice, flexibility and access to innovation in Care Technology products and services, as well as improved access to this market. The DPS is divided into five broad service categories; below is a summary of the types of products and services included in each category:


Care Related Activity Detection, Monitoring and Prevention Products and Services

• Activity monitoring
• Call monitoring services
• Home automation / environmental control systems
• Location tracking and monitoring
• Mobile response services
• Prevention and detection of falls
• Prompts and reminders
• Safety in the home (detection of smoke/fire, flood, temperature etc)
• Seizure monitoring
• Vital signs monitoring
• Wearables
• Other 

Technology Enabled Reablement and Rehabilitation Products and Services

• Prosthetics
• Robotics
• Sensory and immersive rooms
• Smart products
• Virtual and mixed reality
• Wheelchairs and mobility
• Other

Care Related Information and Communication Products and Software

• Health and care related apps
• Healthcare kiosks
• Learning materials and curriculum aids
• Remote video consultation
• Screen readers and communication programs
• Specialist keyboards and pointing devices
• Other

Care Related Software

• Call monitoring centre software
• Case management software
• Data and trend analysis software
• Monitoring and rostering of care delivery / staff software
• Outcome measurement software
• Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
• Support planning software
• Other

Technology Enabled Care Related Professional Services

• Care related data and trend analysis services
• Technology enabled care consultancy
• Technology enabled care training and education
• Other


There is no pre-defined specification; each customer will specify their own requirements and can invite suppliers/providers to bid from the relevant service categories. Suppliers/ providers can add themselves to one or multiple service categories.

Period: 19 October 2018 - 18 October 2022
Extension Opportunities: Not applicable
OJEU Framework Notice: 2018-160162
OJEU Award Notice: Not applicable
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Pre-qualified suppliers/providers – the suppliers/providers appointed onto the DPS are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability.

  • Easy to apply – the DPS is easy for providers to join, and those not meeting the minimum standard for admittance can resubmit their application.  Feedback is also provided on reasons for non-admittance to support supplier development.

  • Support for SME’s – a DPS is especially suitable for SME’s as it provides an opportunity to join the DPS with little upfront investment in terms of time.

  • Reduced timescales – customers don’t need to run a full OJEU procurement if procuring via the DPS  

  • Flexibility - to respond to changes in the market and the ability to continually add new suppliers/providers. 

  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – when awarding contracts, customers use YPO’s call-off terms and conditions which have been established specifically for this DPS and have been previewed by eligible suppliers/providers. 
  • Increased competition – all suppliers/providers within the service category have an opportunity to bid for the contract, therefore increasing competition.

  • Value for money – YPO’s Care Technology DPS provides value for money due to reduced procurement costs, increased competition and reduced admin time through the provision of an end-to-end process.

  • Social Value - suppliers using the DPS will have access to the YPO Supplier Engagement Tool to help demonstrate social value and sustainable practices.  Customers using the DPS can also use the pre-set social value question on the DPS to help include social value within their procurements.

  • Care Technology Summary - an overview of the adam Care Technology Buying Solution

Free support available

The route to market for this solution is via a further competition and our experienced team are on hand to help you through every step of this process – offering practical advice and support when you need it.

Our free support includes:

Further competition support

    • Assistance with or management of the supplier pre-engagement
    • Assistance and guidance in the drafting of the documentation, including the provision of template documents
    • Advice on the specification, including the provision of anonymised specifications
    • Advice on the award criteria, including sustainability to ensure compliance
    • Advertising the further competition on YPO’s e-tendering portal – ProContract, and full administration of the process, including clarification log management
             There are three ways to run a further competition via ProContract
                  1. YPO can administer the full end-to-end further competition process
                  2. Request temporary access to ProContract and run the further competition yourself or with our support
                  3. If you're a current user of ProContract you can access and use our solutions directly without our involvement. View the 'How to access YPO’s frameworks directly' user guide.
    • Running or supporting the evaluation process
    • Moderation of the evaluation process
    • Drafting/checking award and rejection letters, including provision of template documents

Standard documents available

   • Further competition template
Specification examples
   • Example award questions
   • Pricing matrix
   • Award and rejection letters
   • Call-off contract terms and conditions



  • Benefits of care technology for social care
    In the same way that online shopping has transformed our retail habits and made our lives simpler, technology can, and is, having a similar effect in social care. It’s not about replacing a carer with a piece of technology; no one would choose that. Care technology is about making care services more efficient and designing services to better meet service user needs.

  • Commissioning: Benefits of Market Engagement
    Effective commissioning of health and social care services starts with having a sound understanding of the needs of service users, the outcomes you’re trying to achieve or the gap you’re trying to fill.

  • Disrupting the procurement process
    The traditional approach via tenders and frameworks for equipment and service procurement for care settings is well established within the public sector - but there’s a new kid on the block in the form of the DPS, or Dynamic Purchasing System.

 Care Tach Supplier  

Alcuris’s vision is to prolong independence for users, provide positive reassurance for family and actionable insight for providers and commissioners.
The Memo Hub® suite provides Next Generation Telecare services which shift the traditional reactive alarm only focus to one that is proactive, preventative and insight driven while still providing a reactive safety net. The services expand the circle of care to include family and friends. 

alertacall supplier logo

Alertacall substantially increases the efficiency of housing, social care and health providers when managing higher needs customers, by pioneering the principle that by increasing contact with people, in a structured way that gives them control, you can better understand their changing needs, make better decisions and improve their lives. 

appello supplier logo

At Appello they provide easy-to-use technology, coupled with empathetic, passionate and determined employees to create services that enable people to lead active, engaged lives for longer. Their digital health, care and life safety systems make a valuable contribution to the health and social well-being of an ageing population.

astraline supplier logo

Astraline is a part of Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust, a Limited company with charitable status, so they don’t have shareholders or private investors.
Through continuous investment in new technology and innovation, Astraline plays a key role in supporting people by enabling them to remain independent. They are: able to receive and handle calls from any digital or mobile assistive technology, one of the early adopters of the Telecare Service Association (TSA) Quality Standards Framework (QSF), and respected and trusted within both social housing and private sectors.

AutonoMe supplier logo

AutonoMe enables people with learning disabilities to increase their independence through instructional videos accessed via the AutonoMe app, which provide step-by step instructions covering a range of independent living skills within the home. AutonoMe measures and provides real-time data on service users’ usage and their self-assessment of how much help they needed with following the video. This data will help Local Authorities gain a better understanding of how independent their service users are in specific home-based outcomes which will help make evidence-based decisions.

 Brain in Hand   Brain in Hand is a Digital Personalised Support System that enables users to become more independent and manage their anxiety.  It does this by placing person-centred coping strategies to everyday problems in the palm of the user’s  hand whilst also giving them access to additional support wherever and whenever it’s needed.  Brain in Hand has been adopted by over 35 local authorities to support users with Autism, Learning Disabilities/Difficulties, Mental Health conditions and Acquired Brain Injuries.
Centra Supplier logo 80 x 40

Centra provides Telecare and Out of Hours services to over 100,000 customers across the UK. They provide call monitoring, maintenance, and installation services for hardwired and dispersed lifelines and telecare equipment. Established in 1986 they have been helping people live independently for over 30 years. Their services help people to live happily, independently in their own homes, secure in the knowledge that instant support is available should they need it. 

Cross Keys supplier logo

Cross Keys Homes (CKH) is a leading housing association and care service dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions in the community. Through their telecare service, community care and retirement living housing they provide flexible, person centred independent living solutions. CKH LifeLine operates across the UK looking after more than 13,000 connections and 28 contracts and can help you to deliver a high quality, TSA accredited telecare support service directly to your customers.

   docobo supplier logo   Docobo Ltd is a UK-based, long-standing provider of Digital Health Solutions and Population Health Analytics. As an organisation, they have over 17 years’ experience delivering remote monitoring solutions to patients with complex health needs in both their own homes, care homes and other health institutions. More recently they have been developing their Population Health Analytics and Risk tool in collaboration with a local NHS partner.

 care tech supplier logo   We’re proud to offer our consultancy services to support the public sector in supplying the best consultants to implement and manage large scale digital care transformation projects. We specialise in providing interim managers, project solutions and subject matter experts throughout the public sector.
 HFT Logo   Hft Personalised Technology uses creative technology solutions to improve quality of life for people with disabilities whilst increasing efficiencies. We offer person-centred assessments, training and consultancy to any person or organisation looking to maximise the benefits personalised assistive technology solutions can provide.
IRIS supplier logo

IRIS IoT Solutions harnesses a wide range of connected devices to gather real-time data, securely delivered and presented in clear, manageable dashboards and alerts that assist in overcoming the challenges of Care in the Home and Community; Wellness in the Workplace; Facilities Management and Resources Utilisation by enabling immediate, pro-active decision making and actions.      

NRS healthcare supplier logo

NRS help over a quarter of a million people live, work and enjoy their leisure time, whatever their individual challenges might be. They work with commissioners to provide services which optimise resources to provide extended services on ever restricted budgets. They understand the health and social care professionals that they support. Their simple and efficient processes ensure their time and resource is not wasted in administration.

oysta supplier logo

Oysta Technology was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide best-in-class, value added, Location Based Services (LBS). Oysta support local authorities and care providers with the digital transformation of health and social care. They use advanced technologies and sophisticated communication capabilities to enhance the wearer’s safety and independence; reducing care costs and improving the quality of life for thousands of vulnerable people. Because it’s mobile, vulnerable people can lead freer, happier lives

Pivotell supplier logo

Pivotell Automatic Pill dispensers are widely used throughout the UK by both social and health care as a component of a care package for vulnerable patients who have difficulty managing their medication. These dispensers can be either stand alone or Telecare enabled. A key benefit of Pivotell automatic pill dispensers is that they make the correct dose, and only the correct dose, available at the correct time. 

 Care Technology DPS - supplier logo   Established for 30 years, Progress Lifeline is one of the UK's leading technology enabled care providers with over 50,000 customers.

Progress Lifeline enables you or your loved ones to live independently at home with peace of mind that help is close at hand 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Red Alert supplier logo

Red Alert Telecare provides Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) including telecare and telehealth. These services support vulnerable people and help them live fulfilled and independent lives in their own homes. The company prides itself on providing long-term, reliable, bespoke care solutions to elderly and vulnerable people across the UK, working with local authorities and commercial care organisations to make a real difference to the lives of those it supports.

 Care Tech Supplier  

Part of OneMedicalGroup, Rescon Technologies is a healthcare technology specialist that supports the management and improvement of individual and population level health, through several innovative digital solutions.

With its proven CE marked, MHRSA registered, NHS Digital accredited technology the team specialises in working with health and social care organisations to co-develop solutions, which can be easily integrated in to their services, to help improve people’s lives.

SCET supplier logo

SCET was established in 2008. The Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies are specialists in the fields of E-Health, Social Care, Educational Games in building innovative technologies. Their expertise has seen them build a successful track record for producing engaging mobile/web games, immersive 3D/2D data rich platforms and high performing tools that balance entertainment and learning.

 Care Technology DPS Supplier logo  

Now in our 15th year, Sensory Technology has gone from strength to strength to establish itself as one of the most conscientious, caring and dependable companies within the sensory market. To date, we have designed and installed countless unique tailor-made sensory environments, including interactive sensory rooms, pools, gardens, padded rooms and softplay areas within a huge range of settings, from homes, nurseries, children’s centres and schools, to care homes and community spaces. As well as bespoke, fully designed sensory spaces, we also offer hundreds of ‘off the shelf’ products to suit all budgets and settings that can be purchased and used immediately, Aimed at enhancing your sensory space & helping you cater for all users delivered directly to your door.

 TeleAlarm logo  

TeleAlarm is a leading provider of high-quality Assistive Technology products and software solutions for more than 60 years. We offer elderly people and those with disabilities a range of products and intuitive call systems that allow individuals to live safely and securely in their own homes, or in a care home setting. For more information please visit

TSA logo    TSA (TEC Services Association) is the national industry body for technology enabled care in UK, representing more than 350 organisations including health and care commissioners, telecare providers, digital health businesses, housing associations, care providers, emergency services, charities and government bodies and agencies.  We work with a wide variety of stakeholders in health and social care and are active in strategic lobbying to government for the enhancement and integration of TEC services into the wider health and care networks in order to improve outcomes for services users, their families, carers and staff.
Whzan logo   

As creators of Whzan Digital Health, we have been supporting innovation within health and social care since 2010 - delivering applications which lower risk and raise safety. Our vision includes the use of remote monitoring technology to empower a multigenerational informal care network of residents, their families and carers to manage care between them. With innovative technology and infinite flexibility, we enable greater levels of care and help keep people living in their own homes and out of hospital.


Other suppliers on the framework include;

  • Kemuri
  • Lifeline 24
  • Motionspot
  • SCS Technology Ltd

The DPS is open to any new suppliers who wish to join.  The process is quick and simple!


To start your application, visit:


For more information about being a supplier on the Care Technology DPS please contact the Social Care Team at YPO, or email Adam directly at [email protected] 

Here are eight great benefits for suppliers in joining YPO's Care Technology DPS:
  • Easy and quick application process – the application process is quick and easy; taking about 20 minutes.  The application process is all done online and asks questions about the organisation.

  • Supports small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – with basic entry criteria, the Care Technology DPS is extremely beneficial for SME’s with little or no experience in tendering for work in the public sector.

  • Always open – unlike a traditional framework, the Care Technology DPS is open for new suppliers to join throughout the term of the DPS.  This makes it particularly suited to the technology market where there is a high level of innovation and new entrants into the market.

  • Easy bidding process – bidding for contracts is easy. Suppliers are invited to bid for contracts within their service category and the process is much easier and quicker than a normal tender process.

  • Social Value – suppliers joining the Care Technology DPS will have access to YPO’s dedicated social value supplier tool.  The tool helps suppliers of all sizes to very quickly assess their social value and sustainable practices and to provide evidence to showcase this to existing and potential customers.

  • Choice of service categories – suppliers can add themselves to one or multiple service categories, so they only receive invitations to bid for contracts they might be interested in; the service category can also be changed at any time.  This makes it very flexible, especially where a supply is diversifying into a different category.

  • Efficient secure cloud based DPS platform – the Care Technology DPS is hosted by adam HTT Limited on their secure cloud-based platform; providing a full end-to-end process, including prompt payment and less admin than other procurement processes.

  • Route to market – the Care Technology DPS has been developed in conjunction with the TEC Service Association (TSA) with a view to creating a route to the public sector market for technology enabled care suppliers

Suppliers Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Category 5
Brain in Hand
Centra Care and Support
Cross Keys Homes Lifeline
Hf Trust
IRIS IoT Solutions
Kemuri Limited
NRS Healthcare
Oysta Technology
Pivotell Ltd
Progress Lifeline
Red Alert Telecare Ltd
>Rescon Technologies
SCS Technologies Ltd
Sensory Technology Ltd
University of the West of Scotland
Whzan Digital

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