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Electricity - 791

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A framework agreement for electricity: half hourly, non half hourly and unmetered supply supplied by nPower. nPower and YPO offer customers a quick, effective and competitive route to market.The electricity is purchased by the YPO Trading Team through a flexible approach.

YPO supplies approximately 1.3TWH to over 17,000 MPAN’s across the Public Sector, including but not limited to Local Authorities, Schools, Multi Academy Trusts, Emergency Service Providers, Housing Associations, Care Homes and Charities. Through these collaborative arrangements, economies of scale are increased making YPO’s portfolio more attractive to suppliers, which helps to ensure you get the best deal for your energy contracts. YPO also offers fixed rate deals for those customers needing budget certainty.

The main solutions offered through YPO are:

YPO Flexible Contract:
Our most popular choice. For customers in this trading basket, the volumes are bought throughout the preceding 24 months at optimum trading times when prices are lowest in order to deliver a fixed 12 month price from 1st April each year. As 100% of the volume is bought prior to each pricing year, budget certainty is assured.

YPO Fixed Contract:
Available in contract terms from 12 to 48 months, to suit customer’s specific requirements. YPO’s fixed contract provides many of the benefits associated with the flexible contract, but provides longer term budget certainty that some customers prefer.

100% Renewable Electricity:
Under the framework there is an option to take electricity from renewable sources.


Period: 01 April 2019 - 31 March 2023
Extension Opportunities:
OJEU Framework Notice: 2017/S 241-499917
OJEU Award Notice:
Geographic Coverage:

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  • OJEU Compliant Framework - we've completed the full tender procedure to ensure customers can buy electricity quickly and efficiently with the reassurance that they are achieving best value.

  • Risk Management -  YPO's purchasing strategies ensure that customers have the option of buying electricity at a fixed market price, flexibly via our aggregated demand spot buying approach and through our new FlexPlus offering that balances both flexible and fixed strategies.

  • Low Management Fees - through the tender procedure YPO achieved a low supplier margin that will be fixed for the duration of the contract.

  • Additional Services - ancillary services provided by the framework including: Demand Side Response, Energy Storage, EV Charging 
    Energy Efficiency Surveys and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s). 

  • Dedicated Account Managers - at both nPower and YPO.

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Npower, the sole supplier on this framework, have an energy advice page to help you expand your energy management knowledge. Take a look here.


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Intelligent Analytics is npower Business Solutions' new monitoring and targeting platform that helps you analyse your businesses energy consumption. It has been developed based on customers feedback and desire to have an energy platform that gives more. See below a series of videos demonstrating different areas of the Intelligent Analytics platform and how to use it effectively.

Intelligent Analytics demo: Full version


Intelligent Analytics demo: Alarms


Intelligent Analytics demo: Data Analysis


Intelligent Analytics demo: Data Import / Export


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