23 - Emergency Services | Structural Firefighters PPE including Fully Leased Managed Service - 549

Structural Firefighters PPE including Fully Leased Managed Service - 549

Managed Service for Fire Fighters PPE
The supply of Structural Firefighters PPE (Including Fully Leased Managed Service) is a UK wide framework agreement that is available to any eligible UK public sector organisation. The framework can be used to procure services both above and below the OJEU threshold. The framework covers a wide range of firefighters PPE including Tunics, Trousers and boots. Options for a complete head to toe ensemble and a fully managed lease service are also available.

Who can use the framework?
The framework agreement is available to all public-sector bodies, including emergency services, central government and the wider public sector, social housing organisations, and voluntary and community sector bodies.

How can I use the framework?
Customers can call off this framework via mini-competition, enabling you to write your own course specification around your exact requirements. Our dedicated specialist team are at hand to run any mini-competition or help assist you where required.
Period: 01 January 2017 - 31 December 2021
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2016/S 190-341823
OJEU Award Notice: 2017/S 014-022459
Geographic Coverage: National

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Wider public sector customers can benefit by using this framework for Training for Emergency Services:


  • Reduced timescales – Customers don’t need to run a full OJEU procurement through this framework as it has already been done by YPO. All you need to do is identify your requirements, present them to the market and award a contract.


This also benefits suppliers as they only need to complete on OJEU procurement.


  • Ease of use – Simple to use with expert advice available from YPO.


  • Excellent choice of supplier – more details can be found on the supplier tab or the user guide


  • Legality – A fully legal framework in line with EU regulations


  • Assured supplier standards – Providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability, which means when buying services from them, customers are assured they can meet specified requirements


  • Aggregation of spend – customers will receive the benefits of an aggregated volume of spend and the benefits associated with an increased leverage on the market


  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – terms and conditions of the contract have already been established, and signed and accepted by suppliers.


  • Lot 1 - Structural Firefighters Tunics and Trousers
    Suppliers: 6
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 2 - Structural Firefighters Wildland Tunic and Trousers
    Suppliers: 7
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 3 - Structural Firefighters Rescue Tunics
    Suppliers: 5
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 4 - Structural Firefighters Helmets
    Suppliers: 7
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 5 - Structural Firefighters Gloves
    Suppliers: 9
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 6 - Structural Firefighters Boots
    Suppliers: 10
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 7 - Structural Firefighters Hoods
    Suppliers: 6
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 8 - Complete Head to Toe Ensemble Purchase
    Suppliers: 5
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 9 - Fully Managed Lease/Service (Including Lease, Laundry and Maintenance)
    Suppliers: 3
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition


Meet the buyer:

  • Category buyer - Sarah Earl
    Sarah Earl joined YPO 20 years ago and has recently become the category buyer for the emergency services and blue light team.


Introduction to Frameworks: Top tips on how to run a mini competition



  • Arco Company Logo
       Since our establishment in 1884, the Martin Family have been, and continue to be, the majority shareholders in our business. We are the UK’s leading safety company, distributing quality products and training and providing expert advice, helping to shape the safety world and make work a safer place.
    Bennett Company Logo
       Established in 1937 and based in Crosby, Merseyside, Bennett Safetywear designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high performance hand protection and other items of specialised personal protective equipment for the police and other emergency services.  All items are certified to the relevant British and European Standards for PPE.
    Bristol Uniforms Company Logo

    The story of Bristol Uniforms began in 1801, when a small retail clothier, John Gardiner, set up a business in Union Street in Bristol.  By the 1850s his company, Wathen Gardiner, was exporting ready-made clothing to the West Indies and Australasia, and by 1899 it had moved to a brand new factory in Staple Hill.

    Goliath Company Logo  

    Goliath Footwear manufacture and supply UK Fire and Rescue, Police and Ambulance Organisations with protective footwear for specialist and multi-task roles.  These boots, with the exception of the Dry Suit Boot, feature original injected DDR®(Dual Density Rubber) sole technology produced in their ISO9001 quality assured factory.

  • Hunters Company Logo

    Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited (Hunter) is a uniform and PPE specialist. The Company is an SME and was established in 1936. Hunter is a third-generation family company, which has evolved from being a traditional garment manufacturing company into a technology company which specialises in providing fully managed professional apparel solutions.

    Illasco  Keela Company Logo

    Keela with Ilasco are a British technical clothing and equipment manufacturer with the sole aim of offering quality products packed with innovation and technology. After nearly thirty years we continue to enhance our reputation on these principles. Our bespoke service in our manufacturing unit in Glenrothes allows garments to be customised to your requirements.

    iturri supplier logo   The ITURRI Group is focused on helping its customers in the field of security and the protection of people, processes, assets and environment, providing them with tailored, innovative and sustainable solutions. It is committed to the design, manufacture and distribution of technical clothing and workwear, tactical, safety and dress footwear, PPE products and firefighting, C2 and Hazmat vehicles which are highly technical and innovative in nature.
  • Jolly Company Logo

    JOLLY SCARPE has been working for over 30 years in the world of professional footwear in support of those who dedicate their lives to the safeguarding of their citizens, specifically Fire Brigades, Police, Search & Rescue and Military organisations. Research, advanced technologies, innovative materials, comfort and service are our fundamental values.

    Rosenbauer Logo

    Rosenbauer UK Ltd, part of the Rosenbauer Group, is the UK’s premier Fire & Rescue Service supplier of front line fire vehicles and fire-fighting equipment. Rosenbauer are officially the largest, and most often referred to as the absolute best manufacturer of fleet and equipment options to Fire & Rescue Services across the planet.

    Sioen Company Logo

    Sioen are a leading manufacturer of Professional Protective Clothing for the Emergency Services. The Fire and Rescue Services are a main customer of Sioen. Sioen recently won the Largest Fire Tender In Europe with the potential to clothe 25,000 Fire Fighters in France. This UGAP Framework includes the Major French cities such as Paris.

    Vimpex Company Logo  

    Established in 1994 - Vimpex is a specialist supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Safety Equipment, Technical Rescue products and Lighting and Power Solutions to the Paramedic, Rescue, Police, Military and associated markets.


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