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Compostable Liners - 1013

Compostable liners
This framework is for the supply of compostable liners and sacks, typically for use by local authorities in the collection of food and garden waste.
The framework provides customers with a route to market for the supply and delivery of compostable liners and sacks, meaning customers do not need to publish their requirements by OJEU or pre-qualify suppliers/providers in order to procure these products and services from them.
Period: 01 June 2020 - 31 May 2024
Extension Opportunities:
OJEU Framework Notice: 2020/S 031-073691
OJEU Award Notice: 2020/S 100-243205
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Reduced timescales – Customers don’t need to run a full OJEU procurement through this framework as it has already been done by YPO. All you need to do is identify your requirements, present them to the market and award a contract.  


  • Ease of use – Simple to use with expert advice available from YPO. YPO can fully manage the customers further competition (call-off) process if required.


  • Excellent choice of supplier – more details can be found on the supplier tab or the user guide


  • Legality – A fully legal framework in line with EU regulations


  • Assured supplier standards – Providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability, which means when buying services from them, customers are assured they can meet specified requirements


  • Aggregation of spend – customers will receive the benefits of an aggregated volume of spend and the benefits associated with an increased leverage on the market


  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – when awarding contracts customers have the option to use YPO’s standard framework agreement terms and conditions as established or use their own terms and conditions.

 cromwell polythene supplier logo    Established in 1983, Cromwell Polythene are proud to be an independent, family-run business, committed to supply products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables. It is our mission to be the most resourceful company in plastics, supplying products that help make the world cleaner, greener, and more economical.

Other suppliers include;

  • BPI Products 

  • Compost Bag Compant Ltd 

  • Imperial Polythene

  • JPK Ltd 

  • Peter Ridley Waste Systems 


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