Apprenticeships and Associated Training Framework

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YPO has created a framework that gives you the ability to procure all apprenticeship standards, end point assessment and associated training in a variety of ways. Click here to search and procure apprenticeship standards.

The framework gives contracting authorities access to both regional and national providers.

The framework is structured into three tiers:
• Regions
• Routes
• Standards

YPO has created a solution that will be flexible and allow for new standards and providers to be added on a quarterly basis. We’ve created a four year timetable to give both providers and contracting authorities an understanding of the YPO activity timeline for this framework. This document can be seen under the 'framework documents' tab.

The framework documents are all available to download from the 'framework documents' tab above. Please sign in to download; the specification, standard lot breakdown, terms and conditions, call off terms and conditions and order form.

Contracting authority call-off period
We haven’t set a minimum or maximum length for any call-offs created by contracting authorities. Contracting authorities can create an agreed call-off based on the term they believe will suit their requirements.

Value of the framework
The apprenticeship market place is constantly changing due to the changes in the apprenticeship levy. The spend in this area is difficult to predict due to the market conditions, and is anticipated to be between approximately £100m and £8Bn across apprenticeships and associated training.

Contracting authorities can carry out a direct award or further competition through the framework. Please see the 'framework documents' tab for guidance and template documents. Individual pricing and standard specifications can be requested from YPO at [email protected]

Framework terms and conditions
YPO has agreed a set of framework terms and conditions; these are between YPO and the provider. These framework terms and conditions can not be amended by with the contracting authority or the provider.

To supplement the framework terms and conditions, YPO has created call-off terms and conditions for contracting authorities to put in place with the provider. The call-off terms and conditions can be utilised to ensure they fit your requirements and if both parties agree, they can be amended to support the delivery of the service. Once the call-off terms and conditions are completed you will need to complete the order form to finalise your agreements and requirements with the provider. The order form is for the contracting authority and provider to tell the story of the service they require.

The contracting authority and provider are required to both sign the call-off terms and conditions and advise YPO of the award.

Please note that if you are completing the direct award or further competition process online, the call-off terms and conditions and order form can be done electronically and the process is much quicker and easier. The documents can be downloaded from the 'framework documents' tab above.

We’ve created a framework that engages on a regular basis with the market, with the aim of developing the supply base to ensure successful delivery of apprenticeships within the public sector. Providers can bid for the framework on a quarterly basis and all tender documentation can be found at

Each provider has been asked to advise which out of the three services they can deliver, this information can be found under each standard listed on the YPO website. YPO created an over-arching specification that providers must deliver against when delivering an apprenticeship standard, end point assessments or associated training. The full specification can be downloaded from the Framework Documents tab at the top.
The over-arching specification is then supported by the individual specifications for each standard - the specifications are mainly the requirements of the standard. This information can be viewed on each individual standard here.

YPO's apprenticeship team can support you through your procurement. Contact us at [email protected]
Framework Period: 01 August 2018 - 31 July 2020
Extension Opportunities: 2 x 12 month options to extend
OJEU Framework Notice: 2018/S 081-181511
OJEU Award Notice: 2018/S 163-373536
Geographic Coverage:

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  • Set up to help you meet targets set in place with the apprenticeship levy


  • One central hub to choose whichever apprenticeship standards you need


  • All apprenticeship standards are covered


  • Approved providers for each of the standards


  • Direct award and further competition for each standard


  • Regional framework


  • Continuously evolving provider base

  • New standards will be added every quarter


Are you interested in delivering an apprenticeship standard? Follow these steps;

1. Register on the YPO tendering portal (ensure you set your organisation up against the correct CPV codes):

2. You will receive an alert when the apprenticeship tender is published, this is based on the CPV codes you register against

3. Check the tender portal on a frequent basis to view all live opportunities

4. Once the opportunity is live, register your interest in the apprenticeship framework

5. Download all available documents for the tender process

6. Read the tender particulars document

7. Please read Appendix A to ensure you download the correct documents for the relevant apprenticeship standard

8. Return the completed documents by the deadline provided in the documents

9. In approximately a month you will be advised if you have been successful onto the framework

10. The opportunity to bid for standards will re-open every quarter


Due to the size of the market, YPO have developed a search portal to deliver the procurement of apprenticeship standards. The search functionality allows contracting authorities to search and procure apprenticeship, associated training and end point assessment organisations.

Contracting authorities will have the ability to:

• Search for an apprenticeship via regions

• Search for an apprenticeship via the route

• Search for a specific standard

• Filter providers through a range of sub-criteria

• Direct award through the portal

• Carry out a further competition through the portal

• Download all provider framework responses

• Download all provider framework pricing

• Download provider information sheets


All information that YPO received as part of the tender process can be viewed by contracting authorities. This information is commercially sensitive, so contracting authorities will be required to log into the portal.


To utilise the search functionality please click here. 


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