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Fleet Managed Services - 921

Managed Services - Stores and Fleet Workshops
A Framework Agreement for the provision of fully or partially managed materials stores, fleet and workshop operations. Includes options for strategic outsourcing and fulfilment of bespoke requirements. Includes an online portal for work authorisation of service, maintenance and repair for cars, LCVs, trucks and plant.
Framework Period: 04 January 2019 - 03 January 2023
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2018/S 173-392606
OJEU Award Notice: 2018/S 247-570119
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • YPO can fully manage the customers further competition (call-off) process if required.

  • Reduced timescales – customers do not need to run a full OJEU procurement if procuring via the framework agreement.

  • Assured supplier standards – suppliers/providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability.

  • Aggregation of spend - customers will receive the benefits of the aggregated spend volume and increased leverage in the market.

  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – when awarding contracts customers have the option to use YPO’s standard framework agreement terms and conditions as established or use their own terms and conditions.

  • Lot 1 - Managed Stores
    Suppliers: 1
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 2 - Managed Workshops
    Suppliers: 7
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 3 - Fleet and Managed Workshops
    Suppliers: 6
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 4 - Online Portal for Work Authorisation of Service, Maintenance and Repair for Cars, LCVs, Trucks and Plant
    Suppliers: 1
    Method of call off contracts: Direct Award

  • Fleet Factors Ltd

  • The Council of the City of Wakefield

  • Dennis Eagle Ltd

  • Go Plant Fleet Services Ltd

  • Riverside Truck Rentals Ltd

  • Specialist Fleet Services Limited

  • Venson Automotive

  • Epyx


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