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HR Services and Support Solutions - 569

Lot 3- HR
HR Services and Support Solutions - HR Services and Solutions (Lot 3) - 569

HR Services and Support solutions covers any activity that a public sector HR team would carry out, this might include services such as job shadowing, career development, staff wellbeing, talent pool management etc. The framework covers all areas related to HR services and support and gives customers to opportunity to carry a further competition for their specific requirements. The services listed below give an example of the requirements under Lot 3, this is not an extensive list, the aim of the framework is to cover and provide all services possibly required by a HR department at this point in time or for the duration of the framework to allow for forward thinking.
Framework Period: 07 December 2015 - 06 December 2019
Extension Opportunities: Extended for 12 months
OJEU Framework Notice: 2015/S 127-233271
OJEU Award Notice: 2015/S 250-458645
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • YPO can fully manage the customers further competition (call-off) process if required.


  • Reduced timescales – customers do not need to run a full OJEU procurement if procuring via the framework agreement.


  • Assured supplier standards – suppliers/providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability.


  • Aggregation of spend - customers will receive the benefits of the aggregated spend volume and increased leverage in the market.


  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – when awarding contracts customers have the option to use YPO’s standard framework agreement terms and conditions as established or use their own terms and conditions. 

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Hays help customers across public services to deliver the recruitment and resourcing support they need on a daily basis, at whatever scales of demand required. We deliver better resourcing outcomes - in quality, compliance, speed and cost  - whilst at the same time reducing cost and risk through our collaborative approach, which constantly evolves in response to the developing challenges in the sector. 

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Osborne Thomas is an innovative and forward-looking provider management consultancy on HR, recruitment and staffing issues. Specialising in the public sector, we also work with blue chip clients such as the BBC and FTSE 100-listed Capita plc. We offer advisory services on HR, recruitment and staffing matters on a project-driven or strategic partner basis. These include assessing organisational design, advising on processes, reskilling staff and implementing new systems, including applicant tracking systems (ATS), to deliver a higher level of performance. 

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Penna Plc is a leading Recruitment and HR Consultancy. ‘People Change Performance’ is the cornerstone of our approach and we help organisations improve performance through their people. We are unique in the UK HR Services market in that we are the only company that touches organisations at every stage of the employment lifecycle: recruitment, talent development and career transition. This gives us hugely diverse insights and expertise into what is happening across a range of markets, what best practice looks like and the latest innovations. 

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Wickland Westcott is an established provider of Executive Search and Talent Development Services for both public and private sector organisations and has over 37 years of expertise in this field.We work with a range of leading organisations and are experienced in designing and delivering robust, tailored and practical solutions.


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