MFD's, Managed Print and Content and Records Management RM3781

Multifunctional Devices and Services

Multi-functional devices (MFDs), Managed Print Services (MPS), Content Services and Records Management - RM3781.


Canon is the single supplier for Lot 1 which covers print equipment and entry level print management software. Since this is a completed framework, you do not have to undertake competition to procure a great range of multifunctional devices to print, copy and scan. The competition has already been done for you, with Canon UK having the best product pricing from that competition.


After registering, schools only have to choose their preferred device and, if required, select any additional items offered. Canon has a dedicated schools help desk if you are struggling. Follow the canon link here. Read more about reducing print costs in Canon's brochure for schools here >> Reducing print costs for Schools.


This framework features seven lots. See the 'Lot Breakdown' tab above for more details on each lot.

Framework Period: 26 October 2016 - 25 October 2020
Extension Opportunities: Two options to extend for an additional 12 months.
OJEU Framework Notice: 2016/S 151-274459
OJEU Award Notice: 2017/S 017-028751
Geographic Coverage: National

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Public Downloads

  • Managed Print Service (MPS) tailored with a flexible commercial model, based on output rather than devices

  • Electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) and hybrid mail solutions included

  • Proactive consumables management and device consolidation means reduced costs

  • Integrate paper documents into digital workflows through workflow automation/optimisation

  • Flexible model allows you to rationalise estate in line with business needs and scale up and down your requirements

  • Guidance and assistance from supplier in reducing print output

  • Heightened security of devices and data

  • Reduce energy usage through new energy efficient devices
  • Management of existing lease contracts

  • Access to the latest software and technology developments

  • Lot 1 - Print Equipment and Entry Level Print Management Software
    Lot 1 is a single supplier arrangement offering a range of pre-specified devices with customisable options. Customers can also include print management software such as ‘Follow me’ printing, all available via a web based portal which allows devices to be purchased or leased without the need for a further competition.
    Suppliers: 1

    For access to the portal please click here.
    Freephone Tel: 0800 029 4981
    Email: [email protected]

  • Lot 2 - Multifunctional Devices (MFD’s) and Print Management Software Services
    Lot 2 covers a range of MFDs ranging from small desktop devices to multifunctional devices designed for use in reprographics rooms. A0 wide format printers and 3D printers are now available under this framework. 
    Suppliers: 9

  • Lot 3 - Managed Print and Content Management Services
    Lot 3 is typically aimed at users with medium to large requirements with the supplier taking overall responsibility for managing any print and content requirements in the most optimal way. Suppliers shall deliver a refreshed print strategy through the implementation of best practices, more efficient approaches and changing behaviour across the organisation. 
    Suppliers: 6

  • Lot 4 - Records Information Management Service
    Records Information Management Service is designed to meet the core requirements of customers in order to drive down costs of physical storage and consolidate and rationalise existing storage requirements. 
    Suppliers: 4

  • Lot 5 - Scanning services
    One-off scanning projects and/or bulk scanning and longer term requirements to digitise records (physical to digital).
    Suppliers: 3

  • Lot 6 - Sensitivity Review Service
    Sensitivity review service (on and/or off-site) with the option of a fully managed sensitivity review service or a triage service.
    Suppliers: 2

  • Lot 7 - Audit and Consultancy Services
    Lot 7 suppliers can provide independent audit and consultancy services which will include the assessment and evaluation of a customer’s managed print and content management requirement. This independent service aims to identify cost savings and efficiencies and is advised to be conducted prior to further competition.
    Suppliers: 2


  • How to prepare for running a further competition on RM3781
    Before running a further competition you should have accurate and up-to date information regarding your print infrastructure, to ensure suppliers can understand your current situation and accurately respond to the invitation to tender. As a minimum this should include...

  • Top tips for an easier print process
    You know you want a multi-functional device and now need to prepare your tender documents (for RM3781). Here are some top tips from Andy Haynes at Konica which may help.

  • Preparing your print quotation requests
    When direct awarding on the RM3781 framework, the easiest route would be to re-establish price. This blog helps you for preparing print quotation requests for lot 2 of our RM3781 framework, to be able to direct award.

  • Total cost of ownership when procuring printers
    When procuring a printer, something to consider is the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is the sum of all costs that occur when purchasing your printer. But why is it important?

Case Studies:

  • Leicester College
    Leicester College were looking to replace a fleet of MFDs as they were approaching the end of their current agreement. Print management software was already in place and owned by the college, so a hardware only upgrade of over 60 multifunctional devices was required. Lot 1 of the RM3781 framework was chosen as the best route to market for the college to achieve the best value for them.


    Below is a list of suppliers on the framework. To view supplier contact details click here.     

RM3781MFDs supplier by lot


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