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Commissioning health and social care services has historically involved setting up frameworks with multiple providers; locking both the commissioner and the provider into fixed-term agreements, with no option to add new providers. Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are changing that.

The Care Act placed a new duty on local authorities to make sure that people in their areas have a range of provision to choose from and that they ensure continuity of care should a care business fail. Achieving both is incredibly difficult if the local authority is tied into a framework; often resulting in off-framework / spot purchasing, having to quickly source new providers at very short notice and inevitably increased costs.

Why use a DPS?
Unlike a traditional framework, a DPS enables new providers to be added, which makes it a great tool for commissioning health and social care provision; particularly for areas that are looking to increase the range of providers. With a DPS, commissioners can also be confident that they are offering the best choice possible to their services users, can respond quickly to market changes / provider failure and are achieving greater value for money.

YPO want to give commissioners easy access to a user-friendly system to manage their DPS’s along with the flexibility to add existing frameworks and to get support with things like due diligence and invoicing as part of the commissioning process. The result is Adam.

Who are Adam?
Adam are the sole provider on our Dynamic Category Solutions Framework. This means that local authorities can award a contract to them directly without the need to undertake any further procurement / competition.

It doesn’t have to stop at social care either… our customers are telling us that they have expanded the system in to a wide range of other service areas too, including home-to-school and patient transport, education placements and even housing services. For example, 10 London boroughs use Adam to manage their DPS for children’s SEN placements within the independent and non-maintained sector, whilst another council used it to run a DPS to source more accommodation and stabilise housing prices; saving £180k in one year.

Simply liaise with Adam directly to explore how it could work for you ([email protected]), then when you’re ready to take it further, complete a YPO Non-Disclosure Agreement (see Framework Documents). Then you’re ready to go and fully compliant with UK/EU procurement rules. It’s that easy.

If you need any more information, drop us an email or give us a call.
Framework Period: 01 September 2016 - 17 July 2020
Extension Opportunities:
OJEU Framework Notice: 2016/S 061-104290
OJEU Award Notice: 2016/S 134-242075
Geographic Coverage: National

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A Dynamic Purchasing System creates a much more flexible approach to commissioning services than traditional framework contracts and offers the following benefits:
  • Reduced timescales – YPO have already undertaken an OJEU procurement to establish the framework, so there is no need for customers to do this again.  All you need to do is identify your service requirements, present them to the provider and award a contract.

  • Ease of use – The framework is very simple to use.  The terms and conditions (Call-Off Agreement) has already been agreed with the provider, but also has the flexibility to vary elements to ensure it meets your needs.

  • Excellent choice of supplier – more details about the sole provider on this framework can be found on the Supplier tab.

  • Personalisation – the system captures all needs and wants of the end user to ensure the service commissioned is best suited to the individual, and that the provider truly knows what is required from them.

  • Customer involvement, your opinion matters – help shape the future of the contract.

  • Quality – running a truly transparent commissioning process, along with relationship management, allows the best quality providers to be awarded business more contracts and increases overall market quality.

  • Value – a wider range of providers means that pricing of services is fair and offers value for money for the individual purchase. Managing payments (if needed) through the same system also ensures payments are only made for service delivered and billing errors are eradicated.

  • Visibility - data from across the service area is pulled together into a single system giving full visibility over all activity via real-time interactive reporting.

Several authorities have been able to transform the effectiveness of their teams and have delivered significant results; not just through a more varied and engaged provider base, more competitive pricing and more compliance through their commissioning, but by being able to commission services quicker, consistently and with more clarity and information over the market.

Provider market increase by 30% on average

22% increase in the quality of providers joining their provider market

Process efficiencies resulting in 33% time saving for brokerage and finance staff

Time it has taken to place a patient out of hospital has halved

6-9% improvement in quality rating on commissioned packages

Average of 3 offers per package

By integrating with their Case Management System, one council has been able to increase the level of service managed by their brokerage team by 40% without increasing headcount


“adam have been on top of things and very comprehensive because obviously, you know what tasks need to be done, when they need to be done by, so the project plan and everything else is very comprehensive.  Obviously, the people we have been dealing with at adam are great as well” 
(Stephen Good, London Borough of Lewisham)

“We didn’t have the resources internally to do a major market engagement piece.  We met with your supplier engagement team, talked it through with them and we agreed a plan and they got on with it; reporting progress regularly”
(Michael Wood, London Borough of Merton)

“We have effectively closed the loop in the commissioning process.  Providers are engaged throughout, encouraged to be innovative and deliver effective services.  We can now reward quality based on real-time and accurate information”
(Adam Sargent, Havering and Newham Councils)

“A lot of projects tend to be delayed or go over budget but this one didn’t; it was on time and on budget”
(Michael Wood, London Borough of Merton)


  • Why a DPS should be in your toolkit
    Our Executive Director, Paul Smith, was recently invited by Sigma (a joint initiative of the OECD and the European Union) to present YPO’s expertise in the use of Dynamic Purchasing Systems to the public procurement teams in both Turkey and Ukraine.

adam supplier logo    adam has five core principles that we work by every day; to always put the individual and their well being first, to help professional bodies achieve the best possible outcomes, to aid their providers grow and expand their businesses, to ensure total transparency for all their stakeholders, to keep investing in and developing world-class technology.


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