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Fire Safety Equipment
This framework offers customers access to an extensive range of fire safety equipment and associated services. Services and maintenance (which can include the supply of fire equipment as part of a service), is available in 3 different packages: fully inclusive, semiinclusive, or basic.
Items can be purchased by simply placing an order directly with your chosen supplier based on the prices and terms of the framework. Equipment can be supply only and also as part of a service package.
Customers with high volume or more in-depth requirements may choose to identify the most appropriate supplier by conducting a further competition.
This national framework offers access to pre-approved suppliers, who can be appointed using an efficient and streamlined procurement process to provide fire safety products or associated services to your organisation.

Who can use the framework?
The framework agreement is available to all public-sector bodies, including emergency services, central government and the wider public sector, social housing organisations, and voluntary and community sector bodies.

How can I use the framework?
Step 1 - Complete the Customer Access Agreement (Page 25 of the User Guide) and return it to YPO.
Step 2 - Review the User Guide to establish whether your needs can be met by a single supplier or whether you need to conduct a Further Competition. Typically smaller, more straightforward requirements can be met by one supplier, larger, more complex requirements will require a Further Competition to achieve the best supply solution.
If you decide that a single supplier can meet your requirements based on the pricing and/ or other information provided in the User Guide simply place an order with that supplier.
If you decide you need to conduct a Further Competition you may do so by seeking quotations from all of the suppliers that are able to meet your requirements in your particular location.
Framework Period: 05 January 2016 - 31 December 2019
Extension Opportunities:
OJEU Framework Notice: 2015/S 196-355129
OJEU Award Notice: 2016/S 026-042465
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • A wide array of fire safety products and services are available from market leading suppliers.

  • This framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation - we’ve done the work, so there’s no need for you to run a full EU procurement process.

  • Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical and professional ability.

  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions to underpin all orders so no need to worry.

  • Lot 1 - Portable Fire Equipment - Supply Only
    Suppliers: 6
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 2 - Portable Fire Equipment - Service only Fully Inclusive
    Suppliers: 5
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 3 - Portable Fire Equipment - Service only Semi Inclusive
    Suppliers: 5
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Lot 4 - Portable Fire Equipment Service only Basic package
    Suppliers: 5
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition

  • Arco

  • O Heap

  • PHS Compliance

  • Chubb Fire & Security

  • Walker Fire

  • Churches Fire & Security

  • DFP Services


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