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Enforcement Agency Services - 953

Enforcement Agency Services
Provision of Enforcement Agency Services including High Court Enforcement. This includes the collection of all debt types which a Contracting Authority may have a requirement to collect and other services an Enforcement Agent can typically provide. Examples of the debt types include but are not limited to;
- council tax
- parking fines
- non-domestic rates/business rates
- road traffic fines
- sundry debt
- housing benefits overpayments
- social care debts
- university accommodation fees

Examples of other services may include but are not limited to repossessions, evictions, tracing services and debt collection advice/consultancy.
Framework Period: 01 April 2019 - 31 March 2024
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2019/S 030-067351
OJEU Award Notice:
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Tailored Guidance - YPO read each and every further competition before they are advertised and we provide guidance and feedback to customers based on our experience.

  • Dedicated Support - We have appointed an Administrator who is going to be dedicated to the DPS. This role is going to be focused on the DPS and will be the main point of contact for all customers, ensuring they have all the information they need.

  • Market Awareness & Insight - By managing our previous solution, YPO have gained a lot of market knowledge and insight which we share with customers to pass on lessons learnt.

  • Approved Toolkit - YPO have developed a tool kit for customers to utilise which includes; user guides, model terms & conditions, further competition templates, question library and evaluation guidance.

Bristow and Sutor supplier logo    Established in 1977, Bristow & Sutor is one of the largest enforcement agencies providing enforcement and debt collection services to Local Authorities and Commercial Landlords. They have been providing enforcement services to local authorities for 40 years. The company has achieved consistent organic growth, currently servicing over 140 local authorities.
excel civil enforcement    Excel Civil Enforcement’s delivers outstanding enforcement, collection and associated services to local authorities and central government departments throughout England and Wales. Excel forms part of the High Court Enforcement Group, the largest independent and privately-owned enforcement company in England and Wales. They are recognised for our unparalleled professional integrity, ethical approach and ability to deliver effective, proactive debt recovery and eviction enforcement solutions.
Chandlers supplier logo    Since 1996, Chandlers Enforcement Agents have been offering superior revenue collection services to clients and an effective and ethical recovery process for their customers. This, along with their constant pursuit of excellence, has helped to establish our position as one of the leading companies in the industry. Thanks to their Investor in People programme and our fully trained in-house team, they build long-standing relationships with their clients who can, by working in partnership with us, offer an open and straightforward collection service to their customers.
Equita supplier logo    At Equita, they apply 140 years of experience to providing enforcement and debt recovery services to local authorities and commercial landlords across Britain. Their network of local offices, supported by a central admin hub in Northampton, allows us to work closely with our clients, and provide a swift, efficient service.
jacobs supplier logo    Jacobs provide unrivalled service to their clients, who provide continuous positive feedback for contract management arrangements, administration arrangements, and the ability to easily provide bespoke solutions to meet clients requirements. We lead the market both in terms of outstanding collections during the compliance period and over all collection performance, providing clients with quicker case resolution whilst keeping customer costs low. 
jbw supplier logo    Established in 2004, JBW is a trusted collections and enforcement partner to UK Government and a market leading innovator in the recovery of unpaid penalties and council and commercial debt. Their systems-led methodology helps them to recover more revenue through intelligent engagements that accurately identify individual circumstances and support vulnerable citizens. Their advanced case management platform – Edge – enables them to deliver higher collections with lighter impact using intelligence-led decisions and actions.
 Enforcement Supplier   Newlyn has been a market leading enforcement agency since 1999. We are now one of the largest independent enforcement agencies in the UK. Our independence ensures we remain entirely flexible, allowing us to design bespoke solutions for each client. We can make impromptu decisions to ensure client needs are met; a practice which has seen us provide best value and secured us a reputation as specialists within the public sector. We provide services ranging from the recovery of unpaid council tax, business rates, road traffic fines and sundry debts through to the enforcement of bail and no bail warrants, tracing and information gathering, bankruptcy, process serving and charging order services.
Ross and roberts supplier logo    Ross & Roberts is one of Britain’s leading civil enforcement service providers. Through their network of local connections,  provide a flexible, completely bespoke service to local authorities, businesses and private individuals across the country. They were founded in 1997 with a simple vision: to earn the respect of their industry, and the trust of their clients, by doing the right thing, every time. 
Rundles supplier logo    As providers of ethical enforcement to the public sector, they specialise in prompt recovery of debt including Council Tax, Business Rates, Road Traffic and Commercial Rent. Their industry leading technology allows them to tailor their approach to each client’s unique priorities. But what makes them truly different is their people. Every client is supported by highly trained, and dedicated teams of service professionals who ensure contracts are delivered precisely as required. 
 Phoenix Commercial logo   Formed in 1999, Phoenix is a national company specialising in the ethical enforcement and collection of local authority debt. We have a pool of motivated, professional staff with experience and expertise in the collection of unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates, Parking, Commercial Rent, Overpaid Housing Benefit and other Sundry debts. We recognise that different debt types, and different debtor characteristics, represent different challenges. We have designed our systems and procedures to reflect these differences and to foster a recovery process that informs and assists local residents, taxpayers and motorists while maximising collection opportunities.
 Dukes   Dukes is a privately-owned, family run business providing an ethical debt collection and enforcement service across England and Wales, that exceeds client’s expectations year on year. Established in 1993, our recovery is founded on the principles of collaboration, communication and cooperation with our clients and stakeholders. The tried-and-tested processes that we’ve developed over the last 26 years enable us to consistently achieve market-leading collection rates, helping our clients exceed their KPIs
 Marston Holdings   Marston Holdings is the UK’s largest judicial services group, which processes over £1bn annually on behalf of taxpayers and businesses. It provides an integrated debt collection and court order enforcement service to central government, local government and the private sector, with extensive compliance activity built in to its approach as a critical first step.
 Constant and Co Logo   Constant & Co Ltd are a nationwide Enforcement Company specialising in the removal of travellers, squatters, rough sleepers, trespassers, tent encampments under High Court and Common Law, Process Serving, CRAR and Peaceful Repossessions.  We also provide a full range of clearance and security services enabling us to deliver a complete package to our clients.  Our extensive client list includes solicitors, local authorities, commercial land agents, management companies and commercial landlords.
 Penham Excel   Penham Excel is a professional certificated provider of High Court and Non-High Court enforcement services, operating throughout England and Wales.
We provide a range of debt recovery services to the public and private sector with market leading collection rates. Our team of highly trained and certificated enforcement agents operating nationwide are equipped with the very latest technology including Automatic Number Plate Recognition, a fleet of vehicle removal trucks and supported by a sophisticated head office operation. Through impressive collection rates and long-term customer satisfaction, we are able to demonstrate that optimum results are achievable by supporting the traditional ‘agent on the doorstep’ with the very latest in communications and information technology. Penham Excel are the leading the industry offering a range of persistent evader and nuisance vehicle strategies winning us British Parking Awards in 2018 and 2019 for this industry leading initiative.



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