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Metal Wheeled Bins - 542

Metal Wheeled Bins

A framework for steel trade containers, galvanised containers and steel wheeled bins compliant to EN 840. Also includes refurbishment, maintenance and spares.

Who can use the framework?

The framework agreement is available to all public sector bodies, including central government and the wider public sector, social housing organisations and voluntary and
community sector bodies.


If you are unsure about your eligibility to access the framework, contact YPO for further clarity by emailing [email protected].

How can I use the framework?

This framework agreement can be accessed in two ways:

Customers can direct award to the suppliers listed above, based on the pricing shown in the User Guide or if required for large orders or bespoke requirements by running a mini competition.

Framework Period: 01 January 2016 - 31 December 2017
Extension Opportunities: 2 options x 12 month extensions
OJEU Framework Notice: 2015/S 169-307823
OJEU Award Notice: 2016/S 014-020199
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • YPO can fully manage the customers further competition (call-off) process if required.

  • Reduced timescales – customers do not need to run a full OJEU procurement if procuring via the framework agreement.

  • Assured supplier standards – suppliers/providers are ‘pre-qualified’ as to their general suitability.

  • Aggregation of spend - customers will receive the benefits of the aggregated spend volume and increased leverage in the market.

  • Pre-defined terms and conditions – when awarding contracts customers have the option to use YPO’s standard framework agreement terms and conditions as established or use their own terms and conditions.

  • Lot 1 - Supply of Steel Wheeled Refuse Containers
    Supply of steel wheeled bins. For up to 100 units, customers can complete this call-off by direct award, whereby a customer selects a supplier without running a further competition. 
    Suppliers: 3
    Method of call off contracts: Further Competition or Direct Award

  • Lot 2 - Supply of Steel Wheeled Refuse Containers
    Container refurbishment and maintenance - customers can complete this call-off by direct award, whereby a customer selects a supplier without running a further competition
    Suppliers: 2
    Method of call off contracts: Direct Award

 Straight supplier logo    Flying the flag for British manufacturing and industry leading quality, Straight offer a range of UK made recycling containers. Inclusive of kerbside boxes, food waste caddies, and the UK’s first Triple Stack System, Straight are working in partnership with local authorities to introduce and sustain best fit collection systems. 
 Egbert Taylor supplier logo    Egbert Taylor is a UK leading provider of waste management solutions, benefiting from having over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing 4 wheeled metal waste containers.  All their steel bins are welded, manufactured and finished here in the UK. They are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (UKAS accredited) and a proud Investor in People for over 10 years. Their bins are tested and certified to BS EN840 yearly, by UKAS approved Lloyds British and in line with the HSE recommendation. 

Other suppliers include;

  • Storm Environmental Ltd

  • UK Container Maintenance Ltd


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