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Office Supplies and Equipment
The provision of office supplies and equipment provides customers with the full range of office products including the following product types:
Address Labels
Diaries & Calendars
Filing Products
IT Consumables
Pads & Notebooks
Stationery Essentials

This framework has been a collaboration between YPO, ESPO and CBC to maximise the savings potential for customers.
The framework is divided into the following lots that provide flexibility for the customer:
Lot 1 - Provides access to a core list of over 250 products commonly used in the office covering the above product types. The framework is aimed at customers such as charities, museums etc that have a relatively low spend on office supplies and equipment. Note that 80% of the customer usage by line should match the core list this still allows flexibility of 20% of products to be procured outside of the core list.
Lot 2 - Provides customers the opportunity to have further competition on their current basket of goods for office supplies and equipment. This lot is aimed at customers, such as Local Authorities and larger public sector organisations who have a bespoke requirement where less than 80% of usage by line is not matched by lot 1.
A direct call off can be made to one of the awarded Providers if (a) this Provider is the incumbent and the customer can prove that the cost avoidance of remaining with the incumbent provides a satisfactory return; and (b) the customer is able to justify from their own point of view taking into account operation and logistical requirements that this Provider offers them the most economically advantageous solution. YPO accept no responsibility or liability should the customer decide to award to any Provider as a result of a direct call off.
Lot 3 - Provides the customer with the opportunity to ensure that their basket of goods is awarded to a local provider to support businesses within their geographical area.

Who can use the framework?
The framework is available to the wider public sector, including social housing organisations and voluntary and community sector bodies. For a full list of eligible customers please see the following link:

If you are unsure about the eligibility to access the framework, contact YPO for further clarity by emailing: [email protected]

Lot 1 - Banner
Lot 2 - ACS Business Supplies, Banner, Lyreco, Office Depot and Office Team.
Lot 3 - VOW

How can I use the framework?
Lot 1 - This is a single supplier lot and therefore can be accessed by Direct Award and can only be chosen where 80% of the line by line requirement is met by the core basket.
Lot 2 - This lot is accessed by undertaking further competition between the five named suppliers on lot 2 with a bespoke basket of goods but can only be chosen where less than 80% of the line by line requirement is not met within lot 1.
Lot 3 - This is a single supplier lot and therefore can be accessed by Direct Award. For more information about conducting further competition or to discuss your requirement please contact [email protected]
Framework Period: 04 February 2016 - 03 February 2020
Extension Opportunities: None
OJEU Framework Notice: 2015/S 218-397478
OJEU Award Notice: 2016/S 027-043464
Geographic Coverage: National

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Wider public sector customers can benefit by using this framework for office supplies and equipment from:
  • Range of options to meet your requirements whether you’re a large Local Authority or a small charity.

  • Ongoing management information with reviews to ensure you are maximising savings over the life of the contract.

  • Customers will receive the benefits of an aggregated volume of spend and the benefits associated with an increased leverage on the market.

  • Supplier implementation teams to ensure smooth transition from existing arrangements to this framework.

  • Dedicated account management.


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