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Washroom Services - 544

Washroom Services
For the provision of washroom services to individual establishments across the UK.
The agreement is divided into five lots:
Lot 1: covers sanitary collection & disposal services, nappy and incontinence waste collection, medical collection & disposal service, sharps collection & disposal service, clinical waste collection & disposal service, disposal of offensive waste.
Lot 2: covers roller towels
Lot 3: covers hand towels
Lot 4: covers washroom equipment
Lot 5: covers additional smaller washroom equipment which can be purchased direct from the list price with a % discount

The framework is available to the wider public sector, including social housing organisations and voluntary and community sector bodies as well as educational establishments.

How can I use the framework
There a 3 options available to customers:
1. Direct Call-Off Order - Customers are able to identify the supplier who can provide the lowest priced goods/services to meet their individual requirements. The customer is able to directly approach the supplier and issue an direct order to them.
2. Mini Competition - Customers who are not able to identify the supplier who they can provide the lowest price for goods/services are able to undertake a Mini Competition involving all suppliers.
3. Mini Competition E-Auction - Customers who are not able to determine which supplier can provide the most economically advantageous offer for their specific requirements are able to choose to undertake a mini competition - E-Auction involving all suppliers.
Framework Period: 01 April 2016 - 31 March 2019
Extension Opportunities: 1 x 12 months
OJEU Framework Notice: 443729-2015
OJEU Award Notice: 92278-2016
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Reduced timescales - with no need to publish requirements by OJEU or pre-qualify suppliers in order to procure washroom services/products from them.

  • Ease of use - customers need only to identify their requirements, present these to the market and award a contract.

  • Supplier Choice - with 3 providers available on each lot the framework offers excellent choice.

  • Legality - fully legal and in line with EU regulations, reducing the risk to customers.

  • Assured Supplier Standards - suppliers are pre-qualified as to their general suitability giving customers a confidence in the quality of service/products they can provide.

  • Aggregation of spend - customers will receive the benefits of an aggregated volume of spend and the benefits associated with an increased leverage in the market.

  • Pre-defined terms and conditions - all providers have signed and accepted this agreement and terms and conditions of call off.

  • Cannon Hygiene

  • Hygiene Solutions and Systems Ltd

  • Initial Washroom Hygiene

  • PHS Group


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