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Making the most of your Pupil Equity Funding

As your school begins to tackle the challenge of getting the most from your Pupil Equity Funding, we are here to help. The funding presents a valuable opportunity to implement new measures to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds, but also a huge challenge in making sure that it is spent in the most effective way for your individual school.

The focus is bridging the attainment gap in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing. Looking at the initial ‘Interventions for Equity’ framework, our team have recommended some key products that can help in the delivery of key areas, just follow the links below or take a look at our latest Pupil Equity Funding booklet.

Early intervention

Early Intervention & Prevention

Children’s development in these early stages can help to build strong foundations for their future

Quality Learning

Promoting a High Quality Learning Experience

Digital technologies provide a wealth of opportunities to enhance learning which is inclusive and exciting for children of all abilities

Social and emotional wellbeing

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Supportive environments where children feel included and are able to express themselves are really important for their health and wellbeing

Literacy and numeracy

Targeted Approaches to Literacy and Numeracy

Developing skills in literacy and numeracy is fundamental for further learning and achievement whilst at school

Healthy living

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Nurture positive attitudes to food and nutrition to help educate and spark the interest of children from a young age

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