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ICT for Education

ICT products and services for education

We’re here to help you and your school with getting the most out of your technology

No school is too small or too large, we have a great selection of suppliers to choose from and our team of experts are always on hand to help you along the way. 


If you’d like to get in touch to talk through your requirements please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and one of the team will get back to you.


We can be your helping hand with: 

Buying ICT equipment 

Whether you need desktops and laptops for teacher admin, tablets for the classroom, IT peripherals or a complete ICT refresh, we can provide a no-obligation quote for any of your ICT requirements. Covering a wide range of products and brands from accredited suppliers with the option of purchasing new, or refurbished. Brands our suppliers can provide include Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and many more. 


Hire / Leasing ICT equipment 

If you don’t have the budget to buy outright, leasing may be a good option for you. This allows you access to the latest technology with payment options spread out over several years to suit you and your resources. Options at the end of the term may include payment to purchase the kit outright, returning it, or updating the equipment and continue to rent it. If you only need equipment for a certain time period, there’s also an option of rental where you would pay for renting of the kit and then return it at the agreed deadline, in the same condition. 

ICT Asset Destruction

How reliable is your school’s data destruction? With your school holding masses of sensitive data such as reports, attendance and personnel files, it’s essential to ensure these are disposed of safely, so they are unreadable or unable to be reconstructed. We can provide the removal and destruction of IT hardware which is fully traceable and audited. On-site and off-site data sanitising and destruction and the shredding of media, across all levels of security classification. 


Whether you’re looking for a new solution or an upgrade to your current one, we can give you guidance and support with your decisions based on your specific requirements. Software our suppliers can provide include Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, SIMs and many more.

Internet and Safeguarding

It’s important to have a reliable internet connection as well as the availability of Wi-Fi within the school building which is secure, scalable, and cost-effective. The safeguarding of the students at your school is vital. We can provide a range of solutions, whether you’re looking for a package which incorporates your broadband and security, a fully managed network service, or just to purchase individual assets. We have the tools to support you no matter what it is through our security accredited suppliers.   

ICT Managed Service 

An ICT managed service can be used to run as much, or as little of your school’s entire ICT as required and is fully customisable to your needs which means you pay for only what you require. Some examples of services which can be provided include user support for your ICT staff, whether onsite or remotely, the monitoring and maintenance of your equipment to ensure availability, cyber security testing and guidance or consultancy services to assist with all your current and future technology needs. 

Telephony and Communication

It’s essential for all schools to have reliable communication solutions and to make sure these are future-proofed to move in line with digital technology. We can get you the products and services you need for your telephony requirements including traditional, IP or mobile as well as video and audio conferencing. Our soon to be awarded Electronic Communications, Payments and Kitchen Management Solutions contract covers the digital communication piece within your school kitchen, communicating to parents and pupils in many ways and accepting online payments from parents. These payments and communications can be regarding school meals, trips, school uniforms, registration, permission, and informative information about the school. You can even look at attainment solutions for the students. These tools interact with your management information systems and can also provide support to the administration within the school. Communication keeps your school connected!

Cloud for Education

Schools need to think about putting other storage options in place, especially now with the increased amount of general cloud based learning platforms being used or considered across education. Last year we introduced a cloud offering for schools. We believe that schools need to be able to utilise the cloud going forward and have the right to security and support as well as working with suppliers who understand the education sector. Our offering covers cloud, security and support for education to work and grow in this space.


Why choose YPO?

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