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Edtech Impact is a school-led platform that aims to help schools discover the best education technologies and evaluate what will work for them. 

Whether it's teaching or learning, primary school or secondary school, Edtech Impact is here to boost the educational system with the best technology.

Partially owned by YPO because we believe in Edtech Impact’s mission to make providing the best Edtech products easy.

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Knowing what products are going to have the most significant impact on your school is the most crucial factor when choosing an Edtech product. Here is how they can help:











Over 1,000 product reviews, filtered to schools in your area or with similar features to yours. This robust evidence is the key to helping you discover what successfullyworks for schools like yours.

Filter the products based on your school goals and aspirations. There are Edtech products available to make an impact on students, teachers, or your school as a whole.



Every product has a try before you buy experience. This can be anything from a hands-on demonstration to free trial periods so that you can measure their effectiveness before purchase.

You have the opportunity to assess the success of your Edtech purchases and share reviews. This helps schools like yours make comparisons between products and discover which is best for them.


Focus on building student knowledge or improving their behaviour and wellbeing. Alternatively,work on the efficiency of teaching or reducing teacher workload.

Or save your school money with data storage products and high tech systems to implement more efficient processes.

Edtech Impact provides schools with plenty of evidence so that you can make the most informed decisions.


Browse EdTech by category or subject! 


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"Schools are spoilt for choice in edtech, but don't have access to reliable information about what would most likely work in their context. A tool which aggregated robust evidence from schools across the country could save the sector money and deliver replicable impact." 
Dominic Norrish | Director of Technology | United Learning Trust


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