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Need a printer or copier for your school?

Need a printer or photocopier? We call them multi-functional devices (MFD's) - do you know the best way to procure them? YPO's framework has the answer to your needs!

Our framework (RM3781) has two options which are useful to schools. We call them lots - lot 1 and lot 2. Lot 1 is a sole supplier and quick route to market. It is fully compliant and allows you to direct award, giving huge savings. Lot 2 allows you to Direct Award to one of nine suppliers, or for more complex requirements where you need to evaluate more than just price, you can run a further competition. This is more common practice for a larger estate of MFD devices.

These are your two options. Read the steps below to help decide which route to take.


Next steps to take:

Lot 1: Simple compliant route (one supplier)
Sole supplier and quick route to market which is fully compliant and allows you to direct award - giving huge savings.

Step 1: Register on the Canon Portal 
Step 2: Search the MFD online store for the model you want
Step 3: See an instant rental / purchase price and a click charge

Step 4: Add item to basket and purchase


Lot 2: Choice of nine suppliers
Allows you to direct award to one of nine suppliers automatically based on pricing, or to achieve more savings, you can run a further competition with the nine suppliers on this lot.


 Direct Award  Further Competition
 Step 1: Complete YPOs template of your requirements  Step 1: Produce further competition documentation
 Step 2: YPO upload your requirements onto the CMP portal and obtain supplier quotes on your behalf Step 2: YPO to review documentation and provide feedback
   Step 3: YPO can run the competition on our e-sourcing portal 



Download our visual resource to help below:

MFDs for schools procurement options



Whats the difference?

Lot 1 (Direct Award) - This is the compliant route to market. Simply go through the Canon link and click to place your order. 

This is a sole supplier deal for Canon UK products. Canon has made the ordering process simple with easy-to-use search and comparison tools. After registering, schools only have to choose their preferred device and, if required, select any additional items offered. Canon has a dedicated schools help desk if you are struggling. Follow the canon link here.


This lot was created for the education sector, but it can be used by others for a quick, simple and compliant direct award.


Lot 2 (Direct Award) - With this lot you can direct award to one of the nine suppliers. The first option is to enter your requirements into the Crown Market Place to receive quotes from the suppliers. The new Crown Market Place (CMP) platform allows you to run a further competition with all 9 suppliers on the lot managing all responses and decisions on the online tool. Alternatively, we can support you through the process. All you need to do is complete our template with your MFD requirements and we can do the rest!


YPO will facilitate obtaining the quote from the suppliers on your behalf, and we will then enter your specification directly onto the Crown Market Place. We will then send you several quotes based on your requirements, which you can then review and decide which supplier to award to. The supplier will then produce the call off contract documents for you to complete, and will work hand in hand with you towards the installation of your MFD. 


Lot 2 (Further Competition) - If you have a more complex requirement and you want to evaluate price and quality, YPO would recommend that you run a further competition from lot 2.


Here at YPO, we understand the cost of ownership and whats included. Its easier to think that comparing the rental or purchase price of the equipment is evaluating the cost, but actually the real cost is the click charge. Our Category Buyer Zoe Morgan-Kriek has written a short blog explaining this further. Read more here.

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Click to view our MFD's framework (RM3781) and start procuring printers and copiers today.

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