ICT | Records Information Management - RM6175
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Records Information Management - RM6175

Records Information Management

By using this framework, you can access scanning, shredding, and storage services for your school's physical documents. Also, if your school is trying to become more digital, this framework can assist you with setting up workflows and cloud solutions for the transition to digital recordkeeping. Speak to the team for more information on how to use this framework for your school.

Period: 22 March 2021 - 22 March 2025
Extension Opportunities:
Contract notice ref no: 2020/S 243 603229
Contract award notice ref no: TBC
Geographic Coverage: National

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  • Lot 1 - Records Information Management Services

  • Lot 2 - Digital Workflow, Cloud Based Hosting Solutions

  • Lot 3 - Full Management of National Health Service (NHS) Patient Records (Off site)

  • Lot 4 - Specialist Records Management Services

  • Lot 5 - Combined Digital Workflow, Cloud Based Hosting and Records Information Management

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