Little Learners activities
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Little Learners activities

All issues of our Little Learners magazine are accessible and free to read. We've handpicked some of our favourite open-ended play and outdoor learning activities below. Simply choose which category of activities you would like to try!

gif of open ended play with loose parts activities
sensory play activities with free downloadable PDF gif of different fine motor finger gym activities

Open-ended play with loose parts

Sensory play activities

Fine motor finger gym

Whether it be household items or natural resources, there's endless possibilities with loose parts. Sensory play is important because it encourages young children to explore and discover the world around them.
Motor skills activities develop and exercise the small muscles that control the hand, fingers and thumb.
  • Loose parts pictures & construction
  • Natural dough
  • Stamping activity

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  • Sensory arch
  • Rainbow spaghetti
  • Crazy foam

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  • Wiggly worms
  • Busy fingers board
  • Threading flowers

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gif of messy maths outdoors activities gif of making literacy fun outdoor activities little learners issue 10 magazine cover

Messy maths outdoors

Outdoor literacy fun

Read Little Learners issue 10 online

Solving problems and equations from paper can sometimes seem more difficult than if it were demonstrated outside.
Outdoor spaces can reduce stress levels whilst also creating a safe and open environment where literacy learning can take place freely.
In issue 10 of our Little Learners resource for early years, we focused on open-ended play with loose parts and encouraging learning in the outdoors.
  • Spring leaf counting
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Making shapes and rock sums

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  • Inspector phonics
  • Sight words hoopla
  • Story time play tray

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