ICT and Coding in Early Years

ICT Early Years

Introducing ICT and coding at an early age allows children to develop fundamental skills in the use of technology as we all know it today. It’s all around us; calculators, digital cameras, old telephones – they’re all good affordable resources to introduce to in an early years setting. 

A child’s level of development varies so it’s essential you are providing them with the necessary resources that allow them to explore and extend their learning further. Let them embrace the use of technology that will hopefully help them later on in life. Take a look at our favourite products to help you introduce some simple coding activities and support the next stage of their learning development goals. Alternatively, check out our full ICT range here.

We recently invited Featherstone All Saints C of E Academy to share their ideas on how to develop these skills at an early age and review one of our favourite coding products, the Lego Coding Express. Read what they had to say below:


Lego review

Lego Coding Express review

Find out what Featherstone All Saints C of E Academy thought of this great coding activity

introducing coding and ict at an early age

Introducing coding and ICT at an early age

Featherstone All Saints C of E Academy share their experiences and tips