The Enormous Crocodile
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The Enormous Crocodile Activity Ideas

The Enormous Crocodile

Activity ideas for Little Learners

The Enormous Crocodile story has been igniting the imaginations of little ones for over 40 years, and there has never been a better time to introduce your chiddlers to this greedy grumptious brute! As well as sharing the story, try some of our croc-themed activities.

Outdoor Croc Hunt
Print images of Croc and his friends to hide in your outdoor areas. Chiddlers can have great fun searching to find them all. You could even include a checklist so children can tick off the animals as they find them. Encourage them to look high and low - behind, inside and under things. Great for understanding the world, numeracy, language and communication.

Giant Croc Hand Print Mural
Encourage collaborative play by asking each chiddler to contribute painted hand prints to build a large picture of Croc. The big movements are great for fine and gross motor skills.

Croc Swamp Messy Play
Make a slimy swamp and hide small world critters and creatures within for chiddlers to find. Great for communication and language development.

Looking After Croc's Teeth
Encourage chiddlers to count Croc's teeth and describe them. Talk about how they think Croc looks after his teeth and what types of food and drink are bad for teeth. Do they go to the dentist? What happens when they go to the dentist? use books and resources to support discussions. Great for understanding the world.

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