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ASCII & Excel - E-Catalogue

How to download the ASCII & Excel YPO product & pricing data files that can be used in many systems

Please enter your email address, 6 digit premise code (account number) and agree to the terms and conditions below to enable the download

  1. If the premise code was entered correctly, you should now have a 'Download' button above, click on that
  2. Click the 'Save as...' option
    Save As
  3. From the list of locations on the left, select 'Desktop' or the 'C Drive' and then click 'Save'
    Save to Desktop
  4. On your Desktop, Right Click the ‘’ file and choose ‘Extract All…’
    Extract All
  5. In the pop-up box, copy (Ctrl+C) the location the file will be extracted to, as you will need this shortly – it should look something like ‘C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\ypo_otherfiles’ (where USERNAME is your name/login)
    Extract To
  6. The files have now been extracted, and is on your desktop awaiting import into your system via your standard import procedure.
  7. Once your catalogue is updated, you can delete the file you downloaded.

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