Capita SIMS-FMS - Web Services

Web Portal - Use this for easier ordering with YPO!

New from YPO - Use the YPO website to build a basket and have it import direct into FMS, once you authorise and print the order, the order is sent back electronically to YPO in just those two clicks!

To help you get the FMS system working, we need you to have a couple of things:

1) Access to eProcurement settings in your FMS

  • To see if you have access, go to the ‘Tools’ menu in your FMS, firstly click on ‘eProcurement settings’ and then click on the green + icon and check you can see the ‘Service Details’ window.
  • If this doesn’t work, you need to contact your usual support team and request your permissions be amended to allow access to this.

2) Your unique DUNS number

Then please get in touch by using the form below:

Contact a member of the team
e.g. if a YPO ASM has told you, enter their name here