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Staying Brilliant

Course Details

‘The Art of Staying Brilliant’ is set against the backdrop of rapid organisational change and
the need for new ways of thinking and behaving that will create world class performance.
Teaching is a fabulous career but, let’s face it, we all need an occasional injection of
positivity! This workshop re-visits the principle messages from ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’
before moving into more detail about comfort zones, thinking styles, happiness, entropy
(energy) and tackling negativity. ‘The Art of Staying Brilliant’ is focused on leadership and
inspiration in the workplace. However, the principles are designed to spill over into your
personal life. Being an occasional 2%er is all well and good. Living there permanently is

Course participants will:

This workshop aims to build on the excellent habits from ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’,
reviewing progress to date and taking the messages one step further. The aim is to stop the
slide back into bad habits and instil permanent change.

Key themes (some or all of…)

Revising the ‘secrets’ of positive psychology

Signature Strengths

Neuro linguistic programming (the basics)

Nellie breaks free

Time lines and happy buttons

The science of happiness

Heliotropic leadership


Rapport and likeability

Emotional intelligence

Fish principles

Limbic Locking..
Course Date Wed 22 Jun
Duration 10:00 - 15:30
Location Wakefield
Venue Address YPO, 41 Industrial Park, Wakefield, WF2 0XE
Target Audience Primary Teachers
Lunch 12:30 - 15:30
Price £120
Voucher Value £95

Course Tutor

Andy Cope
describes himself
as a qualified
teacher, author and
learning junkie. Andy is currently
studying happiness, flourishing and
positivity as part of a Loughborough
University PhD thesis. His research
feeds into a training course called
‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ which
has been delivered to rave reviews
all over the world.
Andy is lucky enough to work
with some very large businesses,
including Microsoft, DHL, Pirelli,
Pfizer, Toyota, Astra Zeneca and
IKEA. Recently, he has tailored
his workshops to meet the needs
of children and teachers and now
delivers to audiences from age 8
Andy is also a best-selling author.
He has written ‘The Art of Being
Brilliant’ and ‘Be Brilliant Everyday’,
self-help books for adults, as well
as ‘The Art of Being a Brilliant
Teenager’, UK’s first positive
psychology book for young people.