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Delivering Outstanding Lessons in Mathematics

Course Details

This course is a one day masterclass in mathematics teaching, unpicking what it takes to encourage outstanding learning in every lesson.

The course will cover:
How to implement an effective mathematics vision.
How to develop an effective learning culture in mathematics.
Developing the effective problem solver.
Encouraging independent thinking in maths.
What does outstanding progress look like in maths?
How can I differentiate effectively in maths?
How can I deliver outstanding lessons consistently?..
Course Date Fri 09 Jun
Duration 10:00 - 15:30
Location Wakefield
Venue Address YPO, 41 Industrial Park, Wakefield, WF2 0XE
Target Audience Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 maths teachers or subject leaders.
Lunch 12:30 - 13:15
Price £129
Voucher Value £100

Course Tutor

Ian came to national attention during his NQT year for transforming the maths lessons at an incredibly challenging school in the North East of England. He had zero exclusions and high results, leading to being snapped up by a large academy chain to share his magic with colleagues. This was across a growing number of primary
and secondary schools nationally.

He was also in demand working at departmental level, showing heads of department how to use data as a tool to make the teaching and learning
better all round. When asked what is the secret of memorable, enjoyable and effective maths teaching? ‘Many young people find maths boring, irrelevant and
hard,’ he said. ‘My lessons aren’t like that. At all.’