Coronavirus, COVID-19 FAQ’s

Coronavirus, COVID-19 FAQ’s

Q: How you will maintain deliveries if a significant number of your staff are off work?

A: As you can appreciate, we routinely face challenging situations while doing business that requires us to implement contingency plans to sustain our operations and minimise customer impact.

We have the flexibility of our third-party logistics partners and agency staff to provide additional resource to make necessary adjustments so that we can continue to provide the best service possible. The service provision will be monitored in line with national changes and guidance.

Q: Do you foresee Coronavirus having any impact on your current employee structure?  

A: We are currently assessing the potential business impact that the global Coronavirus, COVID-19 could have on YPO. The health, wellbeing, and safety of our employees is paramount, and we have been preparing and acting as necessary. We will continue to monitor the situation closely to minimise the potential risks this may have for our employees.

Q: What scenario planning/contingency arrangements have been prepared to respond to the risks of Coronavirus.

A: With the situation of the Coronavirus evolving, we can confirm that we are continually reviewing the situation around Coronavirus in line with national guidelines. We have been planning for a number of scenarios and we will, of course, update our customers as soon as there are any changes that impact on YPO.

Q: What supply chain risks do you associate with Coronavirus and what mitigating action are you taking?  E.g. lead times, service levels, stock holding, supply chain partners.

A: We’re now only supplying essential hygiene and cleaning products to our customers. We’re not currently facing any major shortages on products, although in line with the UK-wide shortage, we are temporarily out of stock on some sanitiser related cleaning products. We’re continually monitoring our supply chain and while our stock remains stable, we are in constant contact with our suppliers so we can assess and minimise any potential effect. Of course, if the situation changes, we will update our customers.

Q: Are you implementing a contact-free delivery service?

A: Your safety is a priority to us and as the case of Coronavirus, COVID-19 increases, we are going to introduce limited contact and contact-free delivery. Limiting contact when delivering orders will help to try to keep you and the school children safe and healthy.

We’re working with our YPO own fleet and third-party logistic partners to ask them to take direction from you as a customer as to where they should leave your delivery. We will also verbally request your customer details to self-populate the signature sheet. We will keep you updated on any changes to our delivery service.

Q: Please could you share your business continuity plan?

A: We are currently assessing the potential business impact that the global Coronavirus, COVID-19 could have on YPO.  We are reviewing our business continuity plan in line with an ever-changing situation. The plan will be available as a download from our website in the coming days. 


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